Handbook for Research in American History


Handbook for Research in American History

A Guide to Bibliographies and Other Reference Works (Second Edition Revised)

Francis Paul Prucha

214 pages


January 1994


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About the Book

When the Handbook for Research in American History was first published, reviewers called it "an excellent tool for historians of all interests and levels of experience . . . simple to use, and concisely worded" (Western Historical Quarterly) and "an excellent work that fulfills its title in being portable yet well-filled" (Reference Reviews). The Journal of American History added, "It is not easy to produce a reference work that is utilitarian and enriching and does not duplicate existing works. Professor Prucha has done the job very well."

This second, revised edition takes account of the revolution that is occurring in bibliographic science as printed reference works extend to electronic databases, CD-ROMs, and online networks such as the Internet. Focusing on and expanding the major section of the original Handbook, it provides information on traditional printed works, describes new guides and updated versions of old ones, notes the availability of reference works and of some full-text sources in electronic form, and discusses the usefulness to researchers of different kinds of material and the forms in which they are available. Extensive cross-referencing and a detailed index that includes authors, subjects, and titles enhance the book's usefulness.

Author Bio

Francis Paul Prucha, S.J., is professor emeritus of history at Marquette Uni-versity and the author or editor of some two dozen works of American history, including the prize-winning The Great Father: The United States Government and the American Indians (1984) and the Atlas of American Indian Affairs (1990), both published by the University of Nebraska Press.

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