The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader


The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader


Edited by R. Eli Paul

289 pages
Illus., maps


April 1998


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About the Book

The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865–1877 provides the first comprehensive look at the Indian Wars in Nebraska, focusing on the years immediately following the Civil War, when hostilities between Plains Indians and white settlers erupted. R. Eli Paul has assembled a first-rate anthology of eyewitness accounts and the most significant historical scholarship on the subject. Readers are treated to a clear, detailed overview of the course of events, the key individuals and groups involved in and affected by the hostilities, and the central issues underlying them. An important and unique feature of the book is the full attention given to Indian actions and perspectives.

No full-length study has ever been written on the Nebraska Indian Wars. This anthology of well-written articles from the journal Nebraska History is the essential introduction to this bitterly contested period in the state’s history.

Author Bio

R. Eli Paul, a senior research historian at the Nebraska State Historical Society, is the coauthor of Eyewitness at Wounded Knee (Nebraska 1991).

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