Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball


Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball

George Herman Ruth
Introduction by Jerome Holtzman

333 pages


April 1992


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About the Book

Babe Ruth remains the most popular player in the history of baseball. The slugger for the New York Yankees established a home run record in the 1927 season, just a year before joining the league of authors. Babe Ruth's Own Book is a who's who of old-time greats—Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, and many others. It describes the Babe's rise from poverty to stardom, catching his image and voice as freshly and permanently as pen and ink can. In a no-nonsense style, the Babe describes the ins and outs of the game, touching all bases and loading up the reader with priceless information and advice. The surprise is that so little about the sport has changed except the size of the players' salaries.

Author Bio

Jerome Holtzman, in a lively introduction, tells some good stories about Babe Ruth. The senior sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Holtzman is the author of No Cheering in the Press Box.