Warfare in Antiquity


Warfare in Antiquity

History of the Art of War, Volume I

Hans Delbrück
Translated by Walter J. Renfroe, Jr.

604 pages


February 1990


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About the Book

Hans Delbrück’s four-volume History of the Art of War is recognized throughout the world as the definitive work on the subject. Appearing in an English-language paperback edition for the first time, volume 1 analyzes in vivid detail the military tactics and strategies used by the great warriors of antiquity. Delbrück disputes some points in classical history and separates fact from legend in his objective reconstruction of celebrated battles stretching from the Persian Wars to the Peloponnesian War, Alexander's campaign to conquer Asia, the Second Punic War and Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, and the triumph of the Roman legions and Julius Caesar. Walter J. Renfroe Jr. based his much-praised English translation on the third (1920) edition of volume 1.


"Delbrück is internationally regarded as the first modern military historian. History of the Art of War, considered a classic, is his foundational achievement. Renfroe's translation retains the spirited erudition of the original German and renders it into elegant and readable English. Beyond a doubt a landmark in twentieth-century historical literature."—Arden Bucholz, author of Hans Delbrück and the German Military Establishment

"Undergraduates, military buffs, professional soldiers, as well as historians will all enjoy this readable and often elegant translation . . . of a classic history. . . . Highly recommended."—Choice

"This intensive study will be useful for those familiar with the military and political history used by the author as background. In an excellent translation. . . Renfroe has pointed out the very rare errors or oversights within the body of the text; his highly readable translation manages to retain the flavor of the original."—Library Journal

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