Completing the Circle


Completing the Circle

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

North American Indian Prose Award Series

121 pages


September 1998


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About the Book

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve tells her own story and the story of her family. An expert quilter, she recalls her grandmother, Flora Driving Hawk, teaching her how storytelling enthralls and how a quilt can represent all that holds a family together. "I think of how she and her woman friends sat around the quilt frame, gossiping, laughing, sighing as they stitched the joys and sorrows of their lives into the quilt."

Author Bio

National Humanities Medalist for the year 2000,Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve is the author of The Chichi Hoohoo Bogeyman, When Thunders Spoke, and The Trickster and the Troll, all available from the University of Nebraska Press.


North American Indian Prose Award

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