The Southwest Corner


The Southwest Corner

Mildred Walker
Introduced by Mildred Walker and Ripley Hugo
Illustrated by Robert Hallock

144 pages


January 1995


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About the Book

At eighty-three Marcia Elder was alert and active but felt insecure about facing another winter alone, yet she dreaded giving up her old home and entering a re-tirement facility. So, with great resourcefulness, she advertised for a companion and eventually staked out a corner of her own—one with a view. Mildred Walker's skill as a storyteller never falters in this portrayal of an elderly woman who won't give up.

Author Bio

Mildred Walker, the author of Winter Wheat, is being "rediscovered" in her own retirement years in Oregon. She has collaborated with her daughter, the poet Ripley Hugo, in introducing this edition.


"You are either a Mildred Walker enthusiast or you are missing one of the best writers on the American scene."—Philadelphia Inquirer

"A moving and satisfying story that the reader will not soon forget."—Christian Science Monitor

"A warm-hearted book and one that is wise and tender. Without undue emphasis, with brevity; common sense, and a dash of humor Miss Walker has told a story that has meaning for all of us."—Saturday Review of Literature

"A choice bit of authentic New England lore."—Library Journal

"A gem of a story, which leaves the reader wishing it hadn't stopped when it did."—Kirkus

"Real and poignant, impressive and true."—New York Herald Tribune

"As a study in old age, it has dignity and restraint. Its sentiment rings true, and Mrs. Elder is very much a person. . . . a quiet, appealing little exploration of one woman's adjustment to her advancing years, of one woman's joy in her home place."—Chicago Sunday Tribune

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