Rough Rider


Rough Rider

Buckey O'Neill of Arizona

Dale L. Walker

200 pages


November 1997


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About the Book

Buckey O’Neill was famous in Arizona Territory as a gambler, lawyer, newspaperman, miner, sheriff, and politician. This fast-moving narrative takes him from the streets of Tombstone all the way to Cuba, where he won Theodore Roosevelt’s admiration as the wildest and bravest of the Rough Riders.

Author Bio

Dale L. Walker has twice won the Spur Award from the Western Writers of America. His books include Will Henry’s West and In a Far Country: Jack London’s Tales of the West.


"[Rough Rider] offers insight into an age too often distorted by popular myths and makes an excellent case for O’Neill as an unjustly neglected American personality. . . . The lessons of Buckey O’Neill’s life and death ought not to go unpondered."—Western American Literature

"Life in frontier Arizona is well depicted in [this] biography. . . . [It is] a story of Irish daring."—Southwest Chronicle

"The tale is beautifully told. It teems with bizarre and sometimes hairy episodes while at the same time achieving strength through understatement, wry humor, and an artless effort to avoid making the hero larger than life."—El Paso Times

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