Some Things Are Not Forgotten


Some Things Are Not Forgotten

A Pawnee Family Remembers

Martha Royce Blaine

286 pages
Illus., map


September 1997


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About the Book

The Blaine family were among the Pawnees forcibly removed to Indian Territory in 1874–75. By the early twentieth century, disease and starvation had wiped out nearly three-quarters of the reservation’s population. Government boarding schools refused to teach Pawnee customs and language, and many Pawnees found themselves without a community when their promised land was allotted to individuals and the rest sold as "surplus" to white settlers.
Where did the Blaine family find the resilience to cope with the continual assault on their dignity and way of life? In Some Things Are Not Forgotten, Martha Royce Blaine reveals the strengths of character and culture that enabled them to persevere during the reservation years.
Many memorable figures emerge: Wichita and Effie Blaine, anguished over the deaths of two young sons and driven to embrace the Ghost Dance; John Box, whose persistent attempts to farm the white man’s way are shattered in one disastrous moment by a tornado; James G. Blaine, an aspiring ballplayer whose mysterious death in jail ends his bid to join the Chicago White Sox. We also meet the young, educated James Murie, striding a conflict-ridden path between the Pawnee and white worlds. Perhaps most unforgettable are the childhood memories of Garland Blaine, the late husband of the author, who became head chief of the Pawnees in 1964.

Author Bio

Martha Royce Blaine is a former archivist of the Oklahoma Historical Society. She is the author of The Ioway Indians; The Pawnees: A Critical Bibliography; and Pawnee Passage, 1870–1875.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xix
1 They Came Before 1
2 The Early Years in Indian Territory 16
3 Allotment Comes 28
4 The Spirits Come 51
5 "They Were All around Us" 80
6 Becoming Pawnee 117
7 Childhood in Pawnee 139
8 The Old and the New 152
9 The Truths 179
Blaine Genealogy Chart 215
Pawnee Indian Guardianship Record 216
Notes 225
Bibliography 259
Index 267


1998 Best Book Award, sponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society, winner
1998 Oklahoma Book Award, sponsored by Oklahoma Center for the Book, non-fiction category finalist