My Ántonia


My Ántonia

Scholarly Edition

Willa Cather
With illustrations by W. T. Benda
Edited by Charles Mignon with Kari A. Ronning
Historical Essay by James Woodress
Contributions by Kari Ronning, Kathleen Danker, and Emily Levine

Willa Cather Scholarly Edition Series

543 pages
8 illustrations, 14 photographs, 1 painting, 10 figures


January 1995


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April 2003


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About the Book

Hailed by reviewers and readers for its originality, vitality, and truth, My Ántonia secured Willa Cather’s place in the first rank of American writers. Cather drew deeply on her childhood days in frontier Nebraska for her fourth novel, published in 1918. Ántonia Shimerda is memorable as the warm-hearted daughter of Bohemians who must adapt to a hard life on the desolate prairie. She survives and matures, a pioneer woman made radiant by spirit.

This Willa Cather Scholarly Edition of My Ántonia is edited according to standards set by the Committee for Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association and it presents the full range of biographical, historical, and textual information on the novel. The selection of W. T. Benda’s illustrations and the historical photography and maps also illuminate the fiction of a writer who drew so extensively on actual experience.

Author Bio

Kari A. Ronning is assistant editor of the Cather Scholarly Edition. Charles Mignon is professor emeritus of English at the University of Nebraska. James Woodress is the author of Willa Cather: A Literary Life and the editor of Willa Cather’s The Troll Garden, both available from the University of Nebraska Press.


"The arrival of a definitive text . . . does timely service. Handsomely printed, and replete with textual notes and James Woodress’s assiduous history of the novel’s composition and reception, it gives My Ántonia due scholarly format."—Review of English Studies

"A distilled, high-level course in Cather."—Western American Literature

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