A Grammar of Crow


A Grammar of Crow

Randolph Graczyk

Studies in the Native Languages of the Americas Series

474 pages
121 tables


November 2007


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About the Book

Crow, a Siouan language spoken on the Crow Reservation in southeastern Montana, remains one of the most vital Native American languages, with several thousand speakers. A Grammar of Crow is the first detailed description of the Crow language in a contemporary linguistic framework. Randolph Graczyk draws on more than thirty-five years of daily contact with speakers of the language and his training as a linguist to offer an in-depth description and analysis of the crucial elements of the language, illustrated with numerous examples.
The grammar is primarily descriptive, couched in terms of universal linguistic theory. It examines phonological, morphological, and syntactic features and treats the major phonological and morphological structures of Crow, paying considerable attention to the syntax of relative and subordinate clauses, noun incorporation, and various serial verb constructions. The switch reference system is also discussed in detail.

Author Bio

Randolph Graczyk has a PhD in linguistics from the University of Chicago. He is a Capuchin-Franciscan priest currently serving as pastor of St. Charles Parish on the Crow Reservation in Pryor, Montana.


"Graczyk's grammar comes at an ideal time for those of us working with promoting or teaching the Crow language on the reservation. We are just now seeing the beginnings of an effort to revitalize the language and promote its early use at the family, daycare, and Head Start levels."—Rose Chesarek, Great Plains Research

"An extraordinarily thorough description, amply illustrated with examples of all sorts. In the grammar, the reader can see the language opened up for scrutiny and then carefully reassembled."—David S. Rood, Journal of Anthropological Research

Table of Contents

List of tables


Abbreviations for sources of examples

Abbreviations in grammatical glosses

Treatment of examples

1. Introduction

2. Phonology

3. Nominal morphology

4. Deixis

5. Verb derivation

6. Verb inflection

7. Adverbs

8. Quantifiers

9. Basic clause structure

10. Noun phrase structure

11. Relative clauses

12. Nominal incorporation

13. Verb incorporation

14. Adverbial subordinate clause

15. Postpositional phrases

16. Independent and cosubordinate clauses

17. Interrogatives



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