Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1998, Volume 46


Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1998, Volume 46

Motivation and Child Maltreatment

Edited by David J. Hansen

Nebraska Symposium on Motivation Series

286 pages


September 2000


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About the Book

In this volume, the concept of motivation is used to shed light on a range of complex issues surrounding the maltreatment of children. Cathy Spatz Widom investigates the role of motivation in the intergenerational transmission of violence, where victimized children themselves become perpetrators of violence as adults. Joel S. Milner looks at the way abusive parents process social information related to children. The biological, psychological, and social-contextual regulatory processes in maltreated children are considered by Dante Cicchetti and Sheree L. Toth. Deborah Daro discusses the current status of efforts to eliminate maltreatment of children and offers an alternative model for approaching the concept and practice of prevention. John R. Lutzker addresses the challenges of and procedures for applied research on the treatment of abusive parents. In his concluding essay Ross A. Thompson highlights the important themes focusing on child maltreatment that underlie this volume.

Author Bio

David J. Hansen is a professor of psychology and director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Nebraska.

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