Lt. Charles Gatewood & His Apache Wars Memoir


Lt. Charles Gatewood & His Apache Wars Memoir

Charles B. Gatewood
Edited and with additional text by Louis Kraft

289 pages
Illus., map


October 2005


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January 2009


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About the Book

Lt. Charles B. Gatewood (1853–1896), an educated Virginian, served in the Sixth U.S. Cavalry as the commander of Indian scouts. Gatewood was largely accepted by the Native peoples with whom he worked because of his efforts to understand their cultures. It was this connection that Gatewood formed with the Indians, and with Geronimo and Naiche in particular, that led to his involvement in the last Apache war and his work for Indian rights.
Realizing that he had more experience dealing with Native peoples than other lieutenants serving on the frontier, Gatewood decided to record his experiences. Although he died before he completed his project, the work he left behind remains an important firsthand account of his life as a commander of Apache scouts and as a military commandant of the White Mountain Indian Reservation. Louis Kraft presents Gatewood’s previously unpublished account, punctuating it with an introduction, additional text that fills in the gaps in Gatewood’s narrative, detailed notes, and an epilogue. Kraft’s work offers new background information on Gatewood and discusses the manuscript as a fresh account of how Gatewood viewed the events in which he took part.

Author Bio

Louis Kraft, an independent scholar, is the author of Gatewood & Geronimo and Custer and the Cheyenne: George Armstrong Custer’s Winter Campaign on the Southern Plains.


"A treasture trove of information on the Apache Wars."—New Mexico Magazine

“Gatewood was an excellent writer with narrative skill and his memoir makes interesting reading.”—Roundup Magazine

“The memoir is a fascinating read. To fill in missing details, Kraft has provided excellent commentary and footnotes. Readers will find invaluable Lt. Gatewood’s accounts of his service as chief of Apache scouts, commander of the White Mountain Apache Reservation, and later aide-de-camp to General Nelson Miles. . . . A welcome addition to the literature of the frontier army and Apache relations. . . . The book should provide students of military history and Native American studies a valuable primary source and fascinating chronicle of Apache life in the early reservation era.”—Mark Edwin Miller, Western Historical Quarterly

“This is a haunting story. . . . A good one to add to your Apache Wars reading collection.”—Chronicle of the Old West

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