Modernism and Mildred Walker


Modernism and Mildred Walker

Carmen Pearson

218 pages


July 2008


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July 2008


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About the Book

Modernism and Mildred Walker is the first full-length critical study of the major fictional works of this American author whose life spanned the twentieth century (1905–98) and whose literary production spanned almost three-quarters of a century. A highly regarded chronicler of New England and the American West, she is also appreciated for her portrayal of women characters and the complexity of women’s roles. Long beloved by readers of Montana fiction, Mildred Walker’s novels have been dismissed by some critics as only of regional interest, and, as Carmen Pearson argues, have not been explored and appreciated from other critical perspectives and by other audiences.
In this persuasive new study, Pearson offers a new and decidedly western interpretation of Modernism as a critical tool and  proposes a variety of readings and interpretations designed to emphasize the relationship between cultural production in the West and modernism. She encourages readers and students of literature to reappraise Walker’s work and to undertake further critical studies of their own.

Author Bio

Carmen Pearson edited Mildred Walker’s posthumously published novel The Orange Tree, available in a Bison Books edition.


"Admirably accessible, this volume and Walker's novels should be in collections supporting study of American literature."—J. J. Wydeven, CHOICE

Table of Contents

Note to Readers
Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Life and Work of Mildred Walker
Chapter 2: A Working Definition of Modernism
Chapter 3: The Aesthetics of Postmodern Modernism
Chapter 4: The Economics of Modernism
Chapter 5: Mildred Walker's Wars
Chapter 6: The Mothers of Modernism
Chapter 7: American Modernists and the Language of Movement
Works Cited
Bibliography of Mildred Walker

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