A History of Swedish Literature


A History of Swedish Literature

Edited by Lars G. Warme

Histories of Scandinavian Literature Series

587 pages


July 1996


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About the Book

This volume traces Swedish literature from its beginnings in the Middle Ages to its honored place in world literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

A comprehensive reference work, A History of Swedish Literature provides much more than names and dates. Sweden’s relative isolation in a remote corner of Europe put special stress on its language and literature to define national identity. In this volume nine scholars from Europe and America identify what is particular about Swedish literary culture as well as what makes it an integral part of European literature.

The volume views Swedish literature in its historical and social context and reflects on the concerns of each age. Although women authors are treated throughout the book, a chapter on women’s literature provides a salutary view of the gender issue in Swedish literature and the development of a feminist awareness. An additional chapter discusses children’s literature, a major Swedish cultural export.

Author Bio

Lars G. Warme is Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. He is the author of Per Olof Sundman: Writer of the North.

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