Measures of Self-Concept


Measures of Self-Concept

Ruth C. Wylie

153 pages


September 1989


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About the Book

Ruth C. Wylie's two volumes of The Self-Concept, published by Nebraska in 1974 and 1979, evaluated psychological and sociological studies of self-concept and self-esteem. Looking at a plethora of tests, Wylie found in 1974 that very few had been adequately conceived or implemented. Many produced results that were unverifiable or specious. Her findings had disturbing implications not only for the tests themselves but for substantive research based upon them. In the 1980s psychometric tests of self-concept have continued to proliferate. Wylie has continued to assess them.

Measures of Self-Concept briefly summarizes the psychometric criteria for self-concept tests, as fully discussed in Wylie's 1974 book, and the present general state of methodological adequacy of currently used earlier tests and some promising new ones still under development. Although Wylie still finds serious shortcomings, she notes a greater attempt today to increase and evaluate the validity of self-concept indices. This book presents detailed, up-to-date information about and psychometric evaluations of ten self-concept tests that appear to be the most meritorious candidates for current use and for further research and development. It is the first book since her 1974 volume to review specific as well as general measures of self-esteem for a range of ages from preschool to adult.

Author Bio

Ruth C. Wylie is a professor emeritus of psychology at Goucher College.

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