French Mediterraneans


French Mediterraneans

Transnational and Imperial Histories

Edited and with an introduction by Patricia M. E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard

France Overseas: Studies in Empire and Decolonization Series

444 pages
13 illustrations, 8 tables, 4 charts


May 2016


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May 2016


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May 2016


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About the Book

While the Mediterranean is often considered a distinct, unified space, recent scholarship on the early modern history of the sea has suggested that this perspective is essentially a Western one, devised from the vantage point of imperial power that historically patrolled the region’s seas and controlled its ports. By contrast, for the peoples of its southern shores, the Mediterranean was polymorphous, shifting with the economic and seafaring exigencies of the moment. Nonetheless, by the nineteenth century the idea of a monolithic Mediterranean had either been absorbed by or imposed on the populations of the region.

In French Mediterraneans editors Patricia M. E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard offer a collection of scholarship that reveals the important French element in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century creation of the singular Mediterranean. These essays provide a critical study of space and movement through new approaches to think about the maps, migrations, and margins of the sea in the French imperial and transnational context. By reconceptualizing the Mediterranean, this volume illuminates the diversity of connections between places and polities that rarely fit models of nation-state allegiances or preordained geographies.

Author Bio

Patricia M. E. Lorcin is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of Historicizing Colonial Nostalgia: European Women’s Narratives of Algeria and Kenya 1900–Present and Imperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Race in Colonial Algeria, New Edition (Nebraska, 2014). Todd Shepard is an associate professor of history at Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of Voices of Decolonization: A Brief History with Documents and The Invention of Decolonization: The Algerian War and the Remaking of France


"Patricia M.E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard, both authors of important works on French colonization and decolonization, respectively, in North Africa, have put together an important volume of essays."—Sarah A. Curtis, H-France

“Patricia Lorcin and Todd Shepard have produced some of the most innovative work on French colonialism and cultural understandings of identity and place published anywhere in recent times.”—Martin Thomas, author of Violence and Colonial Order: Police, Workers, and Protest in the European Colonial Empires, 1918–1940 

“No other volume brings such a wide variety of perspectives and expertise to bear on the understudied nineteenth-century Mediterranean, compelling us to rethink how we conceive of the Mediterranean in the colonial and postcolonial periods.”—George R. Trumbull IV, author of An Empire of Facts: Colonial Power, Cultural Knowledge, and Islam in Algeria, 1870–1914

Table of Contents

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Patricia M. E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard
Part I. Rethinking Mediterranean Maps (Maps to Rethink the Mediterranean)
1. Révolutions de Constantinople: France and the Ottoman World in the Age of Revolutions
Ali Yaycioglu
2. Barbary and Revolution: France and North Africa, 1789–1798
Ian Coller
3. “There Is, in the Heart of Asia . . . an Entirely French Population”: France, Mount Lebanon, and the Workings of Affective Empire in the Mediterranean, 1830–1920
Andrew Arsan
4. Natural Disaster, Globalization, and Decolonization: The Case of the 1960 Agadir Earthquake
Spencer Segalla
Part II. Shifting Frameworks of Migration (Migrations across the Mediterranean)
5. The French Nation of Constantinople in the Eighteenth Century as Reflected in the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Records, 1740–1800
Edhem Eldem
6. An Ottoman in Paris: A Tale of Mediterranean Coinage
Marc Aymes
7. From Household to Schoolroom: Women, Transnational Networks, and Education in North Africa and Beyond
Julia Clancy-Smith
8. Europeans before Europe? The Mediterranean Prehistory of European Integration and Exclusion
Mary Dewhurst Lewis
Part III. Margins Remade (by the Mediterranean)
9. Dreyfus in the Sahara: Jews, Trans-Saharan Commerce, and Southern Algeria under French Colonial Rule
Sarah Abrevaya Stein
10. Moïse Nahon and the Invention of the Modern Maghrebi Jew
Susan Gilson Miller
11. The Syphilitic Arab? A Search for Civilization in Disease Etiology, Native Prostitution, and French Colonial Medicine
Ellen Amster
12. From Auschwitz to Algeria: The Mediterranean Limits of the French Anti–Concentration Camp Movement, 1952–1959
Emma Kuby
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