The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer


The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer

Kevin J. Hayes

280 pages
24 illustrations


November 2015


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November 2015


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November 2015


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About the Book

Cyclotourism has recently risen to prominence with growing national media coverage and thousands of participants taking to America’s roadways on two wheels and under their own pedal power.

But the concept is not new. More than a century ago, George B. Thayer took his own first “century,” or one-hundred-mile bicycle ride. The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer brings to life the experience of late nineteenth-century cycling through the heartfelt story of this important cycling pioneer.

In 1886, just two years after his first century, Thayer rode his high wheeler across the United States, traveling from his home in Connecticut to California and back. Thayer took an indirect route without any intent to set speed records, but his trip was full of adventure nonetheless. Thayer loved going downhill, his legs over the handlebars, risking life and limb atop the large wheel on often rough and muddy roads. With aplomb and humor, he dealt with the countless other hazards he encountered, including dogs, mule teams, and wild hogs. Even bad weather and poor sleeping conditions could not keep Thayer down.

After his epic tour across the United States, Thayer had the urge to cycle abroad and eventually toured England, Germany, Belgium, and Canada on his bike. His later travels were in part aided by his hometown of Hartford, Connecticut, which was the epicenter of American bicycle manufacturing in the late 1890s. In addition to telling Thayer’s cycling story, Kevin J. Hayes brings to life the culture of cycling and its rise at the end of the nineteenth century, when bikes became more affordable and the nation’s riding craze took off.

Author Bio

Kevin J. Hayes is the author of several books concerning American literature, history, and culture, including An American Cycling Odyssey, 1887 (Nebraska, 2002).


"Lively writing and thorough research in original sources makes The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer a worthwhile addition to the literatures of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century sports and cultural history."—James Whiteside, Annals of Iowa

"Hayes relates Thayer's cycling journeys as not only feats of physical endurance, but the philosophical journeys of a deep-thinking and deep-feeling man."—Kylie Kinley, Nebraska History

"All readers will find this book entertaining and educational. . . .   A fine read."—Neil R. Nicholson, Journal of Sport History

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations    
1. The Century    
2. The White Mountains    
3. The Road to Omaha    
4. The Way to San Francisco    
5. Eastbound and Down    
6. From New England to Old    
7. The Grand Tour    
8. The Rise of the Dwarf    
9. The Swish of the Fat Pneumatics    
10. The Wheel and the Gun    
11. The End of an Era    

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