Germans and Indians


Germans and Indians

Fantasies, Encounters, Projections

Edited by Colin G. Calloway, Gerd Gemunden, and Susanne Zantop

351 pages
Illus., maps


July 2002


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About the Book

For over three hundred years, the Indian peoples of North America have attracted the interest of diverse segments of German society—missionaries, writers, playwrights, anthropologists, filmmakers, hobbyists and enthusiasts, and even royalty. Today, German scholars continue to be drawn to Indians, as is the German public: tour groups from Germany frequent Plains reservations in the summer, and so-called Indianerclubs, where participants dress up in "authentic" Indian costume, are common. In this fascinating volume, scholars and writers illuminate the longstanding connection between Germans and the Indians.

From a range of disciplines and occupations, the contributors probe the historical and cultural roots of the interactions between Germans and Indians and examine how such encounters have been represented in different media over the centuries. Particularly important are reflections and insights by modern Native American writers on this relationship. Of special concern is why such a connection has endured. As the contributors make clear, the encounters between Germans and Indians were also imagined, sometimes as fantasy, sometimes as projection, both resonating deeply with the cultural sensibilities and changing historical circumstances of Germans over the years.

Author Bio

Colin G. Calloway is chair of Native American studies at Dartmouth College. He is the author of New Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America and The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities. Gerd Gemünden is a professor of German and comparative literature at Dartmouth College. He is the author of Framed Visions: Popular Culture, Americanization, and the Contemporary German and Austrian Imagination. The author of Colonial Fantasies: Conquest, Family, and Nation in Precolonial Germany, 1770–1870, Susanne Zantop was a professor of German and comparative literature at Dartmouth College.

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