I, Tom Horn


I, Tom Horn

Will Henry

341 pages


April 1996


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About the Book

In I, Tom Horn, originally published in 1975, Will Henry presents a fictional autobiography of Tom Horn that answers decisively the question—did Tom Horn kill fourteen-year-old Willie Nickell, or was he framed?

Horn was a cavalry scout in Arizona Territory during the last Apache campaigns, a champion rodeo rider, a Pinkerton, and finally a stock detective in Wyoming. Known and feared as el hombre de sombra (the shadow man), Horn’s lifetime (1860–1903) spans one of the most colorful and tumultuous periods of the Old West. In this novel Will Henry provides a multidimensional portrait of Tom Horn as a man capable of humor, compassion, and love, and also one who could kill without the least remorse. This figure is set against equally compelling portraits of Al Sieber, chief of scouts under General Crook, and apache leaders in the Four Families of the Chiricahuas, names now fabled in American frontier history Nana, Chato, and Geronimo.

Author Bio

"Will Henry" was one of the bylines used by Henry Wilson Allen; the other was "Clay Fisher." He was a five-time winner of the Golden Spur Award from the Western Writers of America and a recipient of the Levi Strauss Award for lifetime achievement. His Will Henry novels are known for their basis in historical fact and their use of realistic American Indian characters.


"Henry is a creator of Literature. It is not only that he is a consummate storyteller, but his finely chiseled prose also sings with a lyricism that is as haunting as it is rare. His stories not only ring true, but also pull the reader feet-first into worlds that have vanished, except from the pages of books."—Santa Fe Reporter