History of Nebraska


History of Nebraska

Fourth Edition

Ronald C. Naugle, John J. Montag, and James C. Olson

568 pages
43 photographs, 5 illustrations, 5 maps, 6 tables, 2 appendixes


January 2015


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January 2015


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About the Book

History of Nebraska was originally created to mark the territorial centennial of Nebraska and then revised to coincide with the statehood centennial. This one-volume history quickly became the standard text for the college student and reference for the general reader, unmatched for generations as the only comprehensive history of the state. This fourth edition, revised and updated, preserves the spirit and intelligence of the original. Incorporating the results of years of scholarship and research, this edition gives fuller attention to such topics as the Native American experience in Nebraska and the accomplishments and circumstances of the state’s women and minorities. It also provides a historical analysis of the state’s dramatic changes in the past two decades.

Author Bio

Ronald C. Naugle is professor emeritus of history at Nebraska Wesleyan University. The author and editor of numerous books, he is coeditor of Nebraska Quilts and Quiltmakers and the online edition of Encyclopedia Britannica’s Nebraska.

John J. Montag is professor emeritus of library and information technology at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

James C. Olson (1917–2005) was president emeritus of the University of Missouri. He is the author of several books, including Stuart Symington: A Life.


"A balanced, thorough history and a must for anyone writing about Nebraska."—Bill Markley, Roundup Magazine

"With the extensions and revisions provided in the fourth edition, History of Nebraska remains, as its authors hoped it would, a rich resource for students and policy-makers."—Spencer Davis, Nebraska History

"In comparison to previous editions, the greater emphasis on recent scholarship and more extensive use of primary sources results in a work of greater depth. This lively account will likely remain the definitive general history of Nebraska for some time."—Chuck Vollan, South Dakota State Historical Society

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

List of Maps

List of Tables

Preface to the Fourth Edition

1. The Environment: Land, Water, People

2. Historic Peoples and European Contact

3. An American Empire

4. Indian Country

5. The Platte River Road

6. Nebraska Territory

7. The Politics of Statehood

8. Building Connections

9. Rails across the State

10. Cultures in Conflict

11. Shifting Power on the Plains

12. Years of Settlement

13. Agrarian Hardships

14. Cattle and Cow Towns

15. The Passing of the Frontier

16. Power to the People: Populism

17. Populism to Progressivism

18. Prosperity and the Great War

19. Postwar Challenges

20. Postwar Progress and Modernity

21. Depression, Relief, and Recovery

22. Nebraska and World War II

23. Progressive Legacies

24. Prosperity and Party Ascendancy

25. Beyond the Centennial: New Realities

26. Holding the Line on Expanding Costs

27. Recession, Banking Crises, and Recession Again

28. Economic Development and Nuclear Waste

29. Change and Continuity: Demands and Costs

30. The New Millennium

Appendix 1. Officials of the Territory of Nebraska, 1854–67

Appendix 2. Governors of the State of Nebraska


Selected Bibliography



2015 Nebraska Book Award in Nonfiction: Reference, from Nebraska Center for the Book

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