A Dictionary of Narratology


A Dictionary of Narratology


Gerald Prince

126 pages
Table, 9 diagrams

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December 2003


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November 2020


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About the Book

History, literature, religion, myth, film, psychology, theory, and daily conversation all rely heavily on narrative. Cutting across many disciplines, narratology describes and analyzes the language of narrative with its regularly recurring patterns, deeply established conventions for transmission, and interpretive codes, whether in novels, cartoons, or case studies.
Indispensable to writers, critics, and scholars in many fields, A Dictionary of Narratology provides quick and reliable access to terms and concepts that are defined, illustrated, and cross-referenced. All entries are keyed to articles or books in which the terms originated or are exemplified. This revised edition contains additional entries and updates some existing ones.

Author Bio

Gerald Prince is a professor of French at the University of Pennsylvania. His publications include Narrative as Theme: Studies in French Fiction (Nebraska 1992).


“An essential book for the study of narrative.”—Southern Humanities Review

A Dictionary of Narratology is a remarkable feat. It is a specialized dictionary documenting important research, compiled by a scholar who has been centrally involved in the field and who writes with clarity, precision, and a sense of humor.”—Substance

“A very useful compilation of definitions of the terms used in narrative theory. . . . Prince is eclectic and uses the elements of many schools of theory. The book is well cross-referenced and it contains a carefully selected bibliography of the essential works in the field.”—American Literary Scholarship

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