Voices of Nebraska


Voices of Nebraska

Diverse Landscapes, Diverse Peoples

Edited by the Staff of the University of Nebraska Press

168 pages


November 2016


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About the Book

The University of Nebraska Press has been publishing prestigious and award-winning literature for seventy-five years, but this contest is a first for the Press. In celebration of its seventy-fifth anniversary, the Press has collected an anthology of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry written by Nebraska undergraduate college students and high school seniors in the theme of “Voices of Nebraska: Diverse Landscapes, Diverse Peoples.”

Drawing from their experiences with nature, family traditions, and history, the budding writers selected for this volume are officially joining the ranks of the Press’s countless published writers, every one of whom has helped shape both the Press and the state of Nebraska. 

Author Bio

Founded in 1941 and proudly rooted in the Great Plains, the University of Nebraska Press has established itself as the largest and most diversified publisher located between Chicago and California. The achievements of a vast network of devoted authors, editors, board members, series editors, and staff, the Press has published more than four thousand books and more than thirty journals of influential and enduring value. Winning numerous awards through the years, most notably several Nobel Prizes, the Press has contributed richly to the state, the region, and far beyond.

Table of Contents

Water Girls
  Nina Hjermstad
The Adventures of a Beautiful Life
  Brianna Aguilar
A Farmer’s Life
  Ashley Lynne Cook
My Little Slice of the Good Life
  Rachel Danielson
Rusty Cars
  Alexis Vrana
“For Nebraska,” “Lyrics to Jimmy’s Song, the Lockjaws 2013,” and “Building Limestone Fathers”
  Thaddeus Simpson
The Backdrop of My Biography
  Kamrin Baker
Becoming Vegan in Western Nebraska
  Lane Chasek
Hatchet House
  Luke Gilbert
My Dad Is Dead
  Amanda Hovseth
“Living Statues on Highway 77,” “Spectators of Nebraska,” and “Memory Keepers of Waverly”
  Sara Mosier
Road to Redemption
  Briana Davis
  Catherine Pedigo
“Some Autumn Holiday,” “When It Happens,” and “The Main Street Fair”
  Daniel McIlhon
Reefer Madness
  Alexa Walker
The Search for Her
  Faith Victoria Tracy
The Genuine Effect
  Brian Pomplun
  Kristi Walsh
There Is No Place Like Nebraska
  Ellie Feis

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