Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations


Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations

Edited by Regna Darnell and Frederic W. Gleach
Histories of Anthropology Annual, Volume 11

Histories of Anthropology Annual Series

300 pages


October 2017


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October 2017


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About the Book

The Histories of Anthropology Annual presents diverse perspectives on the discipline’s history within a global context, with a goal of increasing awareness and use of historical approaches in teaching, learning, and conducting anthropology. The series includes critical, comparative, analytical, and narrative studies involving all aspects and subfields of anthropology.

Volume 11, Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations, examines the work and influence of scholars, including Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, John Dewey, Randolph Bourne, A. Irving Hallowell, and Edward Westermarck, and anthropological practices and theories in Vietnam and Ukraine as well as the United States. Contributions also focus on the influence of Western thought and practice on anthropological traditions, as well as issues of relativism, physical anthropology, language, epistemology, ethnography, and social synergy.


Author Bio

Regna Darnell is Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology and First Nations Studies at the University of Western Ontario. She is coeditor of The Franz Boas Papers, Volume 1: Franz Boas as Public Intellectual—Theory, Ethnography, Activism (Nebraska, 2015) and general editor of the multivolume series The Franz Boas Papers: Documentary Edition. Frederic W. Gleach is a senior lecturer of anthropology and the curator of the Anthropology Collections at Cornell University. He is the author of Powhatan’s World and Colonial Virginia: A Conflict of Cultures (Nebraska, 1997).


"Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations mark the 11th volume in the Histories of Anthropology Annual series. Once again, editors Regna Darnell and Frederick W. Gleach have curated a stimulating array of essays that enrich scholarly inquiries into the discipline's many pasts. Synthesizing subjects that have appeared in previous iterations of the series, the 11th volume brings together 13 chapters under the banner of theories, identities, and nations and the scholarly understanding of these subjects' respective histories. In addition to these guiding terms, multiple robust and overlapping themes can be traced throughout the volume including anthropology's underappreciated interactions with other disciplines and the formulation, circulation, and modification of anthropological ideas and debates in relation to the varied geopolitical developments of the 20th century."—Nicholas Barron, Anthropology Book Forum

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction
1. Franz Boas as Theorist: A Mentalist Paradigm for the Study of Mind, Body, Environment, and Culture
Regna Darnell
2. “We Are Also One in Our Concept of Freedom”: The Dewey-Boas Correspondence and the Invention of Postmodern Bourgeois Liberalism
Michael E. Harkin
3. What Would Franz Boas Have Thought about 9/11?
Michael E. Harkin
4. Boas and the Young Intellectuals: Exploring the American Context of Anthropology and Modern Life
David W. Dinwoodie
5. Ruth Benedict: Synergy, Maslow, and Hitler
Frank A. Salamone
6. Continuity and Dislocations: A. I. Hallowell’s Physical Anthropology
James M. Nyce and Evelyn J. Bowers
7. An Epistemological Shift in the History of Anthropology: The Linguistic Turn
Robert C. Ulin
8. Westermarck and the Diverse Roots of Relativism
Andrew P. Lyons
9. Heritage Gatherers: Peasant-Mania Ethnography and Pre–World War I National Awakeners of Ukraine
Olga Glinskii
10. Adopting Western Methods to Understand One’s Own Culture: Social and Cultural Studies by Vietnamese Scholars of the French Colonial Era
Nguyen Phuong Ngoc
Translation by Helene Tammik
11. Life in Hanoi in the State Subsidy Period: Questions Raised in Social Criticism and Social Reminiscences
Nguyen Van Huy
12. Between Ethnos and Nation: Genealogies of Dân Tộc in Vietnamese Contexts
Bradley Camp Davis
13. Arthur Nole (1940–2015): Tahltan Elder, Raconteur, and Friend
Thomas McIlwraith

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