Public Privates


Public Privates

Feminist Geographies of Mediated Spaces

Marcia R. England

216 pages
1 appendix, index


May 2018


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May 2018


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May 2018


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May 2018


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About the Book

Public Privates focuses on public and private acts and spaces in media to explore the formation of geographies. Situated at the intersections of cultural geography, feminist geography, and media studies, Marcia R. England’s study argues that media both reinforce and subvert traditional notions of public and private spaces through depiction of behaviors and actions within those spheres. Though popular media contribute to the erosion of indistinct edges between spaces, they also frequently reinforce the traditional dualism through particular codings that designate the normed and gendered socio-spatial actions appropriate in each sphere—producing geographical imaginations and behaviors.

England applies her immensely readable construction to a diverse and wide-ranging array of media including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Fast and the Furious, J-Horror, sitcoms, Degrassi, and reality TV. By examining the gendered representations of public and private spaces in media and how images influence imagined and lived geographies, England shows how popular culture, specifically visual media, transmits ideologies that disintegrate the already blurred boundaries between public and private spaces. 


Author Bio

Marcia R. England is an associate professor of geography at Miami University in Ohio. 


"I strongly encourage cultural and feminist geographers to read this book and use it as representative of the work in our discipline. . . . This book is a remarkable achievement, and it made me even more excited about the future of feminist geography and the study of popular culture."—Julian Barr, Journal of Cultural Geography

“With a wealth of examples drawn from comedy, horror, drama, erotica, and reality TV, Public Privates offers a wonderfully comprehensive look at the dichotomy between public and private space and how it is subtly and complexly gendered.”—Paul C. Adams, professor in the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Texas at Austin and author of Geographies of Media and Communication

Public Privates presents new insights into the intersection of media, space, and geography. It will further expand the discourse and provide additional avenues of exploration for other geographers wishing to address this topic. The style is quite readable and is easily understandable, making the key themes easy to grasp. It would make a good textbook for upper-division human geography courses, graduate-level courses, and even courses outside geography such as communications and humanities.”—James Craine, professor of geography at California State University, Northridge, and the editor of Aether: The Journal of Media Geography

Table of Contents

1. Welcome to the Hellmouth: Paradoxical Spaces in Buffy the Vampire Slayer    
2. Home Is Where the Heart Is: Fast and Furious Geographies    
3. Scared to Death: Spaces of J-Horror    
4. Visions of Gender: Codings of Televisual Space    
5. Navigating Degrassi Community School: Socio-Spatial Identities in Degrassi    
6. Big Brother Is Watching You: Why You Should Be Watching Reality TV    
7. Kinky Geographies: Sexuality in Mediated Spaces    
8. Public Privates Exposed: Media, Gender, and Space    
Appendix: Filmography    

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