Sacrament of Bodies


Sacrament of Bodies

Romeo Oriogun

African Poetry Book Series

78 pages


March 2020


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About the Book

In Sacrament of Bodies Romeo Oriogun interrogates what it means to be queer, male, and Nigerian. In this groundbreaking work, Oriogun seeks to understand how a queer man can heal in a society where everything is designed to prevent such restoration. He explores the paradox of death ending pain while leaving the living with unanswered questions and reflects on the role class plays in survival and the father-son relationship. Ultimately, Oriogun’s poems deal with grief and how the body finds survival through migration.
Sacrament of Bodies examines queerness in Nigerian society, masculinity, and the place of memory in grief and survival.


Author Bio

Romeo Oriogun is an Institute of International Education Artist Protection Fund fellow and Harvard Scholars at Risk fellow at the Hutchins Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University. He is the author of the chapbooks Burnt Men, The Origin of Butterflies, and Museum of Silence.

Table of Contents

Before Your Mama Knew Us as Light    
The Ritual of Giving a Body Its Name    
Cathedral of a Broken Body    
Saddest Night Alive    
Elegy for a Burnt Friend    
Coming Out    
How to Survive the Fire    
At Udi    
The Guilt of Exile    
To the Man Who Mocked My Scared Body    
Pink Club    
Before You Leave    
The Birthday    
A Viral Picture    
Satan Be Gone    
What We Do Not Want    
The Lost Chapter of the Bible Written After God Stopped Receiving the Smoke of Burnt Flesh    
The Queer Boy Remembers Colonization    
Sacrament of Bodies    
I Do Not Want My Body to Fly    
My Body Is No Miracle    
My Tinder Date Speak of Fruits    
A Reversed Epithalamium or What Didn’t See the Light    
Heaven Is a Back Alley without God    
Battle of the Rams    
Finding Home    
What the World Won’t Show Us    
On Forgetting    
Everything Must Die    
On the 23rd Death Anniversary of My Father    
Prelude to Freedom    
Sermon of Pain    
Meeting My Mother through Death    
After a Blackout    

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