More in Time


More in Time

A Tribute to Ted Kooser

Edited by Jessica Poli, Marco Abel, and Timothy Schaffert

228 pages


March 2021


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March 2021


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March 2021


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About the Book

Nebraska Book Award, Special Poetry recognition 

More in Time is a celebration and tribute to Ted Kooser, two-time U.S. Poet Laureate, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and Presidential Professor of the University of Nebraska. Through personal reflections, essays, and creative works both inspired by and dedicated to Kooser, this collection shines a light on the many ways the midwestern poet has affected others as a teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend, as well as a fellow writer and observer-of-the-world. The creative responses included in this volume are reflective of the impact Kooser has had in his connections to other writers, while also revealing glimpses of his distinct way of seeing.

Author Bio

Jessica Poli is a graduate teaching assistant and doctoral student of creative writing in poetry at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Marco Abel is the Willa Cather Professor of English and film studies at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Timothy Schaffert is the Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of English and director of the creative writing program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


"To recognize his [Ted Kooser's] retirement from conducting the beloved personal tutorials he has provided to graduate students at UNL, 68 of his former students, university colleagues and poetic peers have produced More in Time, a compilation of poems and memories of Kooser's influence upon their lives."—J. Kemper Campbell, Lincoln Journal Star

“Ted Kooser is kind, as we know from every essay and poem published in this volume to honor the poet’s retirement from the University of Nebraska. Ted Kooser is accomplished and beloved as teacher, writer, poet, editor, painter and friend. And Ted Kooser leaves the public life of the university as a national poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner to become what he has always been, a private man of genius. Long may he thrive and publish, labor in his fields, make and paint the birdhouses that adorn our trees, the gorgeous chicken coop in his yard, and write poems so distilled that our souls bend in delight.”—Hilda Raz, author of Letter from a Place I’ve Never Been: New and Collected Poems, 1986–2020 

“Ted Kooser’s poems are as natural and true as anything I know in American poetry. I love his honed-down style, his subtle humor, and his attention to a detail that will shine with kindness and grace by the end of the poem.”—Joyce Sutphen, author of Carrying Water to the Field

“When I arrived in the U.S., I experienced an immense culture shock that was incredibly difficult to shake off, and it held me back, held my tongue back in my other classes. But each time I was in Ted’s presence, I grew fully into myself in ways that weren’t so apparent in his absence.”—Saddiq Dzukogi, author of Your Crib, My Qibla

“Ted’s office was a place of magic for me for the few years that I did tutorials with him. . . . He deeply respected the mystery that arose in the course of writing, the surprising element of the poem that a poet might not see herself, until an astute reader pointed it out.”—Katie Schmid, author of Nowhere

Table of Contents

Editorial Note    
Marco Abel, Jessica Poli, and Timothy Schaffert
Introduction: Splitting an Order, Ted Kooser, Copper Canyon, 2017    
Diane Glancy

Naomi Shihab Nye    
Ted Kooser Is My President
Jill McCabe Johnson    
What Ted Likes
1,001 Things to Amend Before You Die—Excerpt 244–258
Marjorie Saiser    
Ted Is Writing This Morning
Jehanne Dubrow    
From Description to Discovery
Mary K. Stillwell    
A Toast to Chance, Good Fortune, and Ted Kooser
Amelia María de la Luz Montes    
Ted Kooser’s Near South History Tour
Platte River
Andrea Hollander    
The Things Themselves
Old Snow
Stephen Behrendt    
The Surprising Novelty of the Familiar: Ted Kooser’s Poetry
Sarah McKinstry-Brown    
Supper with Amy
Mark Sanders    
A Summer Letter to Old Friends Up North
Sharon Chmielarz    
Aunt Bertha
Suzanne Ohlmann    
James Daniels    
The Crucial Lack of Redemption
Sally Green    
Samuel Green    
Mark Irwin    
The smaller house
Ivan Young    
Translating Ted Kooser
Ferris Wheel
Dana Gioia    
Discovering Ted Kooser (1980)
Cody Lumpkin    
Old Man in the Hall of Nebraska Wildlife
Christine Stewart-Nuñez    
My Poetry Foundation
Medical Arts Building, Watertown
Robert Hedin    
Debra Nystrom    
Inland Sea
Stuart Kestenbaum    
The Work at Hand
Michelle Menting    
Absorbing the Moment
Ode to the Poster of Reptiles & Amphibians on the Exam Room Wall at the Animal Clinic on South Street
Gerald Costanzo    
Conversing with Ted Kooser for Nearly Fifty Years
Barbara Crooker    
Todd Robinson    
Broken Summer Sonnet
Faith Shearin    
Hope Wabuke    
On Ted Kooser: Poet of Clarity & Sight
Katie Schmid    
The Mechanic
Turning 32
Grace Bauer    
Summer Morning Walks: 4 Postcards for Ted Kooser
Stacey Waite    
The Politics of Noticing: Ted Kooser in Poetry and Pedagogy
James Crews    
More in Time: A Letter to Ted
Trey Moody    
Good Morning
The Oriole
Jessica Poli    
Holmes Lake
Connie Wanek    
Sign Painter
Twyla M. Hansen    
I Never Thought I’d Outlive My Evergreens
Tami Haaland    
Sewing Room, 1973
Jeffrey Harrison    
Early Wonderment
Peggy Shumaker    
Ted Talk
Sarah A. Chavez    
Ted Kooser and the Act of Poetry as Life Practice
Home Again
Saddiq Dzukogi    
To See Beyond the Self
Song to a Birdwoman
Adrian Koesters    
“Late Summer”: Doing the Work and Giving the Gift
Denise Banker    
At the Rehabilitation Hospital
Biljana D. Obradović    
Tribute to Ted Kooser: “A Poem Has to Be Something More Than a Good Story”
Elegy for an Eastern Fallen Star
Linda Parsons    
April Wish
Mark Vinz    
Ted Kooser, the Midwest Small Press Poetry Renaissance of the 1960s and ’70s, and a Poem Inspired by Both
Great Plains
JC Reilly    
Bathroom Spiders
Freya Manfred    
When a Place Finds Voice
Crystal S. Gibbins    
Writing toward Home
Lake of the Woods
Jonathan Greene    
One Light to Another
Dan Gerber    
In Praise of Ted Kooser
Todd Davis    
Fishing with Nightcrawlers
Hadara Bar-Nadav    
Sandra Yanonne    
A Valentine Sonnet
Joyce Sutphen    
At the Graveyard
Rosemary Zumpfe    
Grace in Poetry
Making Ice Angels
Rebecca Macijeski    
Making Sense, Making a Life
Time’s Beard, His Closest Thing to Seasons
Amy Plettner    
How I Found Ted
Maria Nazos    
Tuesdays with Ted Kooser: How I Found the Heart behind My Collection of Poems, Pulse
The Ghost’s Daughter Speaks
Jonis Agee    
Matt Mason    
Opening Night Rehearsal
Judith Harris    
For Ted, On His Hiatus
Karen Head    
Ready to Hold My Hand: Ted Kooser as Mentor and Friend
At the St. Elizabeth Mammography Center
Jane Hirshfield    
Letter to TK: May 26, 2020
Kwame Dawes    
The Chronicler of Sorrows

Source Acknowledgments    
List of Contributors


Nebraska Book Award, Special Poetry recognition 

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