As Long as the Earth Endures


As Long as the Earth Endures

Annotated Miami-Illinois Texts

David J. Costa

666 pages
glossary, index


February 2022


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About the Book

As Long as the Earth Endures is an annotated collection of almost all of the known Native texts in Miami-Illinois, an Algonquian language of Indiana, Illinois, and Oklahoma. These texts, gathered from native speakers of Myaamia, Peoria, and Wea in the 1890s and the early twentieth century, span several genres, such as culture hero stories, trickster tales, animal stories, personal and historical narratives, how-to stories, and translations of Christian materials. These texts were collected from seven speakers: Frank Beaver, George Finley, Gabriel Godfroy, William Peconga, Thomas Richardville, Elizabeth Valley, and Sarah Wadsworth.

Representing thirty years of study, almost all of the stories are published here for the first time. The texts are presented with their original transcriptions along with full, corrected modern transcriptions, translations, and grammatical analyses. Included with the texts is extensive annotation on all aspects of their meaning, pronunciation, and interpretation; a lengthy glossary explaining and analyzing in detail every word; and an introduction placing the texts in their philological, historical, linguistic, and folkloric context, with a discussion of how the stories compare to similar texts from neighboring Great Lakes Algonquian tribes.


Author Bio

David J. Costa is director of the Language Research Office at the Myaamia Center at Miami University. He is the author of The Miami-Illinois Language (Nebraska, 2003) and editor of New Voices for Old Words: Algonquian Oral Literatures (Nebraska, 2015). 


“[These texts are] extremely important both to the Myaamia community and to scholars specializing in Algonquian linguistics. There is nothing like this for the Miami-Illinois language. The organization of this [book] should serve as a model for similar text editions of Native American languages.”—Amy Dahlstrom, associate professor of linguistics at the University of Chicago and author of Plains Cree Morphosyntax

“This will make an important contribution to the Miami-Peoria people, to Algonquian studies, to Miami language studies in particular, and to studies of Native American oral traditions. This kind of retranscription and retranslation, in the absence of native speakers to help, is an incredibly difficult and impressive task. Kudos to the heroic efforts of the last speakers, the documenters, and the author here for bringing us what has been preserved.”—Andrew Cowell, professor of linguistic anthropology at the University of Colorado and editor of Naming the World: Language and Power among the Northern Arapaho

Table of Contents

text 1: Wiihsakacaakwa Story, Elizabeth Valley (Albert Gatschet)
text 2: Wiihsakacaakwa Aalhsoohkaakana. Wiihsakacaakwa Stories, Elizabeth Valley (Jacob Dunn)
text 3: Paapankamwa Aalhsoohkaakani, Fox Story, Elizabeth Valley (Albert Gatschet)
text 4: Paapankamwa Aalhsoohkaana, Fox Stories, Elizabeth Valley (Jacob Dunn)
text 5: The Story of Wilakhtwa, Elizabeth Valley (Albert Gatschet)
text 6: The Story of Wilakhtwa, Elizabeth Valley (Jacob Dunn)
text 7: Waapanswa, Story of Rabbit, Elizabeth Valley (Albert Gatschet)
text 8: Waapanswa, Story of Rabbit, Elizabeth Valley (Jacob Dunn)
text 9: Eeyeelia, The Story of Possum, Elizabeth Valley (Albert Gatschet)
text 10: Eeyeelia, The Story of Possum, Elizabeth Valley (Jacob Dunn)
text 11: Wiihsakacaakwa Aalhsoohkaakani, Wiihsakacaakwa Story, George Finley (Albert Gatschet)
text 12: Wiihsakacaakwa Aalhsoohkaakana, Wiihsakacaakwa Stories, George Finley (Jacob Dunn)
text 13: Story of Wiihsakacaakwa, George Finley (Truman Michelson)
text 14: The Story of Fox and Wolf, George Finley (Truman Michelson)
text 15: The Story of Raccoon and Crawfish, George Finley (Truman Michelson)
text 16: Iiši-Mihtohseenwici Noohsa, How My Father Lived, George Finley (Albert Gatschet)
text 17: Peoria Lord’s Prayer, George Finley (Jacob Dunn)
text 18: Eehonci Kiintoohki Pyaawaaci Myaamiaki, Where the Miamis First Came From, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 19: Lénipinšiaakami, Lénipinšia Water, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 20: Šiipaakana Aalhsoohkaalinta, The Story of Awl, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 21: Naapiinkwiaki Aalhsoohkaalinta, Story about False Face Doctors, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 22: Paapankamwa Aalhsoohkaanaki, Fox Stories, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 23: Iiniini Wiiyoonkonci Waahseehkiki, Why We Have Daylight, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 24: Aalhsoohkaani Waapimaankwa, The Story of White Loon, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 25: Biographic Notice of Kápia, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 26: Aalhsoohkaalinta Kaapia, Story of Kaapia, version 1, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 27: Aalhsoohkaalinta Kaapia, Story of Kaapia, version 2, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 28: Mihšihkinaahkwa Kiilahkweeta, Little Turtle's Speech, Gabriel Godfroy (Jacob Dunn)
text 29: Iineehi oohkomahi akiihi Wiikapimiša, Grandmothers and Mothers of Sweet Linn, Sarah Wadsworth (Albert Gatschet)
text 30: Oohkomahi Neehi Akiihi Wiikapimiša, Grandmothers and Mothers of Sweet Linn, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 31: Aanikopia Iiši-Mihtohseeniwici, Anikopia's Life Story, Sarah Wadsworth (Albert Gatschet)
text 32: Aanikopia Neehi Niimaakani, Anikopia and the Flag, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 33: Ague Cake, Sarah Wadsworth (Albert Gatschet)
text 34: Paakiciinki, pakĭtcĭngi or Ague Cake, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 35: Tanning the Buckskin, Sarah Wadsworth (Albert Gatschet)
text 36: Tanning the Buckskin, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 37: Preparation of Meat and Lard, Sarah Wadsworth (Albert Gatschet)
text 38: Koohkooša Oonsaasonta, Pork Curing, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 39: Wea Lord’s Prayer, Sarah Wadsworth (Jacob Dunn)
text 40: Iiši-Mihtohseeniwici Ciinkweensa, The Life Story of Young Thunder, William Peconga (Albert Gatschet)
text 41: Ciinkweensa Iiši-Mihtohseeniwici, How Young Thunder Lived, William Peconga (Jacob Dunn)
text 42: Ciinkweensa, Young Thunder, Frank Beaver / George Finley (Albert Gatschet)
text 43: Waapitioonsa, Young Antelope, Frank Beaver (Jacob Dunn)
text 44: Miami Baptist Prayer, Thomas Richardville (Jacob Dunn)
text 45: Miami Lord’s Prayer, Thomas Richardville (Jacob Dunn)
text 46: The Bible Account of Creation, Genesis, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2, verses 1 to 3, Thomas Richardville (Jacob Dunn)

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