Bring In the Right-Hander!


Bring In the Right-Hander!

My Twenty-Two Years in the Major Leagues

Jerry Reuss

306 pages
30 photographs


September 2021


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About the Book

One of only twenty-nine Major Leaguers to play in four different decades, Jerry Reuss pitched for eight teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates twice. So when Reuss tells his story, he covers about as much of baseball life as any player can.

Bring In the Right-Hander! puts us on the mound for the winning pitch in game 5 of the 1981 World Series, then takes us back to the schoolyards and ball fields of Overland, Missouri, where Reuss first dreamed of that scene. His baseball odyssey, dedicated to the mantra “work hard and play harder,” began in 1969 with his hometown team, the Saint Louis Cardinals (who traded him three years later for mustache-related reasons). Reuss carries us through his winning seasons with the Dodgers, taking in a no-hitter and that World Series triumph, and introducing us to some of baseball’s most colorful characters. Along the way, as the grizzled veteran faces injuries, releases, and trips to the Minors, then battling his way back into the Majors to finish his career with the Pirates, we get a glimpse of the real grit behind big-league life, on and off the field.


Author Bio

Since his retirement as an active player, Jerry Reuss has worked in broadcasting as a color analyst for ESPN, the Anaheim Angels, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


"Reuss is a gifted storyteller, and he ably communicates his love for the game in an easy, conversational style that makes for pleasurable reading. His book will appeal to any reader interested in 1970s and 1980s baseball, as well as many other fans."—Library Journal

"As he did throughout a career that touched an amazing four decades (1969-1990), Reuss delivers plenty of strikes on the page."—John L. Smith, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“In Bring In the Right-Hander! Jerry Reuss delivers a revealing and remarkable performance.”—Fred Claire, former Los Angeles Dodger executive vice president and general manager and author of Fred Claire: My 30 Years in Dodger Blue

"If you've ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes in major league baseball, particularly in the clubhouse, this is a must-read book."—Ron Cervenka,

"Bring In the Right-Hander is a revealing look at Reuss's career, from his start with the Cardinals all the way through his final days as a Pirate."—Cardinal Conclave

"If you are a fan of Reuss or any of the teams he played for, take the time to read this book."—Gregg's Baseball Bookcase

“Jerry Reuss had one of the great deliveries in baseball. And he has pitched a strike again with an insightful look at a career that transcended the ‘Golden Era’ of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. I couldn’t put it down!”—Steve Garvey, 1974 National League Most Valuable Player and ten-time All-Star

Table of Contents

1. The Early Years
2. Turning Pro
3. Life in the Minor Leagues
4. Twenty-Four Hours from Tulsa
5. Meet Me in St. Louis
6. Houston, I'm Comin' to See Ya
7. Makin' My Way to the Steel City
8. California, Here I Come!
9. Life after the World Series . . . Big Laughs, Great Times, and Transitions
10. Hits, Misses, and Whistle-Stops

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