Produce Wagon


Produce Wagon

New and Selected Poems

Roy Scheele
Introduction by Ted Kooser

Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry Series

238 pages


April 2022


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April 2022


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April 2022


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About the Book

The poems in Produce Wagon explore the vast and varied circumstances of the human experience. Roy Scheele delves into his love for his wife in “Remembrances,” the opening poem from his first chapbook, and “Driving after Dark”; his fascination with the natural world in poems such as “How the Fox Got Away” and “Late Autumn Woods”; his appreciation of his family in “A Kitchen Memory” and “The Long Rise”; and his fondness for stories in “The Carny Circuit” and “In the Clear.” In these and the other poems in the collection, Scheele uses a variety of traditional verse forms as well as free verse and syllabics, carefully fitting the form of each poem to his subject matter.

Though most of the poems are set in Nebraska and neighboring states, there is a universality to the subjects Scheele addresses. In these poems anywhere is everywhere.

Author Bio

Roy Scheele is professor emeritus of English at Doane University. He is the author of a dozen chapbooks and collections, including A Far Allegiance (Backwaters Press, 2010) and The Sledders. His verse and prose poems have been frequently anthologized, most notably in Strong Measures and Models of the Universe.


“In the best of poetry—unmistakably present and resonant to the reader—we find the physical embodiment of wordcraft: sound, rhythm, music. What Roy Scheele creates on the page is poetry’s equivalent to the enlightenment of the senses.”—Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews

“What is wonderful about a ‘produce wagon’ is its approachability, where we may select this fruit, that melon, to sample—and it’s all so good; otherwise, the produce would never have made it to the wagon. Roy Scheele’s Produce Wagon is like that. Every poem is delicious.”—Mark Sanders, Western American Literature

"Produce Wagon made me smile poem after poem and will bring up wonderful memories of family and love."—karla k. Morton, Roundup Magazine

“Roy Scheele is a poet of deep observation and patient discernment. Exquisite in prosody and immaculate in precision, each poem is a hall of mirrors where memory and desire refract off the sharp edges of the observable world.”—Nina Murray, author of Alcestis in the Underworld

“A lifetime’s collection of small and precious things: the pinpoints of the senses, the topography of the soul, these myriad wonders of eloquent plainsong—Roy Scheele’s incomparable, revelatory landscapes of acuity and affection.”—Stephen Behrendt, author of Refractions and other collections

“Ted Kooser’s observation has it right: this gorgeous book is first and always music, but enriched by unforgettable imagery, compelling narrative, and ekphrasis. Scheele creates Nebraska—that former sea now prairie—as the setting of the poet’s life, here hauntingly worded, inhabited, and enlivened by intimate memory.”—Rhina P. Espaillat, author of And After All

Table of Contents

Introduction by Ted Kooser
From Accompanied, 1974
The Welcome Mat
Flowering Crab
At Brim on the Little Blue
Rock Openings
A Metaphor for the Evening Star
The Gap in the Cedar
From Noticing, 1979
A Kitchen Memory
Fishing Blue Creek
Missing You
What Swept by on a Winter Morning
How the Fox Got Away
From The Sea-Ocean, 1981
The Sea-Ocean
Spring Greens
Nebraska U.S. 20
The Falls
Focal Point
A Turn in the Weather
Winter Onions
Remembering Anna
Grandpa Mac
From Pointing Out the Sky, 1985
Making Change
Saturday Mornings in the Radio Years
The Catch
The Farm in Arkansas
Uncle Lou
Sandhill Cranes
Crossing the Field
At the Drought’s Height
A Walk Round the Monastery Farm
Changing the Flowers
A Reverence
Hoping for Raspberries
Ansel Adams: Aspens, New Mexico, 1958
A Look Around
Mid-August in the Mountains
Lightning Bugs
Floating on My Back in the Late Afternoon
From The Voice We Call Human, 1991
Next Morning
A Hot Afternoon with Nothing to Do
Clare’s Last Poem
Antique Wrenhouse
Salt Valley Grange
Snowfence in Late April
Vietnam Memorial
Heron Feeding in Rain
From To See How It Tallies, 1995
Driving after Dark
Lilac Storm
In Minnesota
To See How It Tallies
From Short Suite, 1997
Winter Cloud Cover
Ripeness Is All, Is All
October Retort
Deep Autumn
First Bite
The Hunter, Home
From From the Ground Up, 2000
At Summer’s Height, in Hungary
January Primrose
First Sighting
Back through California
Planting a Dogwood
Tent Light
From the Ground Up
From A Far Allegiance, 2010
X-Ray Fitting
The Squarefold
A Day at the Dentist’s
Produce Wagon
In the Near Distance
Horse Creek Road
The Carny Circuit
Across the Sandhills
A Freshening
Woman Feeding Chickens
Laid Down at Mesa Verde
West of Vegas
Under Magnification
The Water Meadows, Winchester
Near Dorchester, in Dorset, from the Train
O’Keeffe’s Barn with Snow
From The Sledders, 2016
Simple Gesture
Discovering Gravity
The Sledders
In Possession
Toward Evening
For Instance
Watching You Open Your New, Many-Hued Umbrella
The Earth Coming Green Again: Uncollected Poems
The Earth Coming Green Again
A Counterpoise
The Sparrow’s Way
Dakota Burial
In Blowing Snow
The Hadderways
Late Autumn Woods
After Things
Cover of Darkness
New Poems
Wright Morris: Clothing on Hooks, The Home Place
Dale Nichols: Morning Chore
Lunching with Friends
Salon Noir, Niaux
In the Clear
Climbing Rose
The Long Rise
Flat Water
Four Observations
The Sign Said
Seventh-Grade Art
Remember Me
Lowbush Clusters
At the Station

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