The Windflower Home Almanac of Poetry


The Windflower Home Almanac of Poetry

Edited by Ted Kooser

144 pages
107 illustrations


December 2024


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About the Book

The Windflower Home Almanac of Poetry is an anthology of poems originally selected by Ted Kooser in 1980 and published by his Windflower Press, a small, independent publisher that specialized in poetry from the Great Plains. The collection contains almost two hundred poems from dozens of poets and was designed to resemble a commonplace farmer’s almanac.

The Windflower Press was the sole operation of Kooser, who was later named the first U.S. poet laureate from the Great Plains. His press gained national recognition for highlighting the work of the region’s young poets, and its Windflower Home Almanac of Poetry earned notice from the Library Journal as one of its era’s best small press books.

Author Bio

Ted Kooser, U.S. poet laureate (2004–2006) and winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, is a retired presidential professor of English at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He is the author of dozens of books, including Cotton Candy (Nebraska, 2022); Kindest Regards: Poems, Selected and New; Red Stilts; Splitting an Order; and Delights and Shadows.

Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Making Applesauce by Kathy Mangan
Loneliness by L. L. Zeiger
Sunrise by Victor Contoski
One January by ​Robert Wallace
Jellied Moose Nose by Don Welch 
Winter Storm by Sonya Dorman
January by Joan Colby
Tuco Tuco by lyn lifshin
Potatoes by Gerald Costanzo 
Crabtree’s Woman by Dave Etter
Untitled by Theodore Enslin
Crocus by Adelaide Blomfield 
Bloodroot by Joan Colby 
Looking at the Moon by Rachelle Benveniste 
Measuring the Tree by Gerald Costanzo 
Widow by Al Masarik
Midcontinent by Mark Vinz
Vermillion South Dakota by James Minor
Star of Kodiak by Gary Holthaus
The Furniture-Maker by Michael Waters
Winter in Fairbanks by Franz Douskey
Untitled by Charles Levendosky
To the Tiger Growing Old in the Toledo Zoo by Richard Behm
Night Rise by Susan Astor
Farmlore by Patricia Henley
Living with the Weather by Pamela Miller
Song of Snow by David Steingass
Hard Way to Learn by James Hearst
Baling Wire by Don Welch
Small Dark Song by Philip Dacey
Potatoes by Kathryn Stripling
Picking Rock by Philip Dacey
The Stinkhorn by Anthony Sobin
Mint by Roger Pfingston
The Crows by Sonya Dorman
Full Moon by William Kloefkorn
Blackbirds by Linda Hasselstrom
To See Such Sport by Marjorie Hawksworth
Then Round Moon by Wendy Bishop
No Nightingales, No Nymphs by James Hearst
Ursa Major by Robert Wrigley
Over There by Douglas Worth
Artichoke by Joseph Hutchison
Neighbors by David Allen Evans
Another April by Virginia Elson
Conclusions by Gary C. Busha
Lessons by Bruce Bennett
April by Jonathan Holden
Photo of a Retired Farmer, Big Bend, Wisconsin by Robert McRoberts
Solemn Music by Leonard Nathan
Equinox by Adelaide Blomfield
Driving through Fog by Michael Waters
Trout by Ronald Wallace
Pruning by Ruth Moon Kempher
Prelude by Llewellyn McKernan
April by Barbara Winder
Plains Song by Warren Woessner
Poetry in a Bottle
Dawn at the Rainbow Hill Ranch in Phoenix, Oregon by Joseph Hutchison
Centipede, Millipede by Bruce Berger
Herbal Teas by Ramona Weeks
Untitled by Fred Link
Early Peas by Roy Scheele
Snubbing Posts by William Stafford
Night Soil by Robert Peters
Washday Receet by Elizabeth Banset
Wild Sarsaparilla by Susan Hauser
Too Many Defeats Dull the Spirit by James Hearst
Empty Shell by Ron Slate
Praying Mantis by Raymond Roseliep
Some Time Walking by William Stafford
Shelling the Kentucky Wonder by Howard Kaye
Flowering Crab by Roy Scheele
Somewhere Along the Way by Henry Taylor
La Jolla Hills by Charles Fishman
Rumors of a Summer Vacation by Steven Osterlund
Line Storm by Mark Vinz
Climbing Prairie Rose by Joel Cox
Decoration Day by Ted Kooser
Brace and Bit by Phil Hey
The Dead by Charles Vandersee
Magpie by Linda Hogan
Barbed Wire by Henry Taylor
Hen by Jean Balderston
Combine by Rodney Torreson
Cicadas by H. A. Maxson
To a Garden Companion by Phyllis Tickle
One Way to Find Asparagus by Jean Queneau
Burning a Horse by Henry Taylor 
The Morning-Glory by Raymond Roseliep
This Walking Stick by Harold Witt
How to Bake Bread by Elizabeth Banset
 Duty Call by Leonard Nathan
Small Farm by Sonya Dorman
The Welcome Mat by Roy Scheele
Baltimore Oriole by Raymond Roseliep
Wildflowers by Charles Fishman
A Woman at Her Wheel by Nancy Peters
Bat by Arthur Smith
Blackberries Live Here by Judith Root 
Fisherman by Linda Hogan
Sunday Music by Carol Berge
Zucchini by Ruth Moose
Canning by Marc Selvaggio
Cure for a Sty in Your Own or Your Brother’s Eye by Paul Foreman
Crepescule by Peter Sharpe
Untitled by Glenna Luschei
Another August Harvest by Mordecai Marcus
The Last of August by Peter Sharpe
Red Winged Blackbird by Al Masarik
Untitled by Linda Allardt
Mid-Plains Tornado by Linda Bierds
Sand Dial by Virginia Elson
Kitchen Sink by Kathryn Stripling
The Great Blue Heron by Julia Older
Cucumbers by Ronald Wallace
Ball Lightning by Michael Waters
Hill Farmer by Karl Patten
The Birds by L. L. Zeiger
In the Field Forever by Robert Wallace
Raspberry Moon by Susan Hauser
Sunset by David Allen Evans
The Creature Whose Substance Is Bliss Is Everywhere at Home by H. A. Maxson
August by Roy Scheele
Birdfoot’s Grampa by Joe Bruchac
From This Delapidated Barn by Rodney Torreson
Discovered by Shirley Buettner
August by Richard Shelton
Trailing the Lost Road by Michael Tarachow
For Charlotte at Eighty-Nine by Richard Shelton
Everything Keeps Me Here, the Swallow by Nancy McCleery
Snake by Joe Napora
In September by Elizabeth Searle Lamb
To a Migrating Wren by Peter Sharpe
Lupine by Sheila Nickerson
Freeway Blackberries by Al Masarik
Great Bear by Robert Hedin
Wild Rice Moon by Susan Hauser
After the First Heavy Frost by Joe Bruchac
In Silence and Solitude by Thomas McGrath
Grasshopper Leg by Ron Overton
Old Farm in Northern Michigan by Gary Gildner
Two Clouds by Dan Gerber
Bargain by Stephen Lewandowski
Flower Garden Quilt: 1960 by Denise Low
The Season Between by Anita Skeen and Carol Barrett
Apple Harvest along the Missouri by J. V. Brummels
October by Ronald Wallace
Dandelion by Hortense Roberta Roberts
Frost by Carole Oles
Indian Corn by Mark Vinz
Autumn Songs by Mark Vinz
White Creek by Anita Skeen
Absolute Morality by Ken Poyner
Harvest by Jeff Daniel Marion 
Stopping over in Michigan by Steve Lewandowski
Almanacs by Frank Short
Lowing by Margaret Ingraham
Pheasant Season Opens: West of Shepherd by Eric Torgersen
Thief in the Night by Jean Ducey
November Song by Mark Vinz
After Labor Day by Carolyn Stoloff
A Charm for Your Doorstep by Thomas Reiter
Fall in the Air by Tom Montag
November by Jonathan Holden
Facts by James Hearst 
The Story of Lava by David Allen Evans
The Bull Rider’s Advice by David Allen Evans
Red River Blues by Mark Vinz
In Early Autumn by Thomas McGrath
Inner Space by Theodore Weiss
How the Fox Got Away by Roy Scheele
Winter Solstice by Donald Levering
Alive and Well by James Hearst
Going Through Seed Catalogues in December by Joe Bruchac
Maple by Douglas Worth
Seeing Through by David Clewell
The White Cows by Joyce Odam
Stealing the Christmas Greens by Brendan Galvin
Window by Nancy Peters
December Song by John Judson
December: American Bottoms Farm by Robert Wrigley
Hunting Season Ended Yesterday by Mary Wood
A Coal Fire in Winter by Thomas McGrath
Wintering Over by Julia Older

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