Thanks for This Riot


Thanks for This Riot


Janelle Bassett

The Raz/Shumaker Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Fiction Series

196 pages


September 2024


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About the Book

Winner of the Raz/Shumaker Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Fiction

Thanks for This Riot explores the limits of kindness, the weight of being needed, and the fear of being misunderstood. A group counselor is taunted by a truth-divining piano bench, a voice actor shouts her abortion at the state capitol, a tired caregiver tangles with a pair of stand-up comics, a small-town newspaper office shelters an otherworldly tattletale, a backwoods acupuncturist leans on her least-exciting offspring, a girl in a strapless bra takes a vengeful go-kart ride, and a woman gets surgery to lower her expectations (she thinks it went “okay”). Grouped by types of riot—external riots, internal riots, and laugh riots—Thanks for This Riot is a poignant and mordantly funny collection with a distinctly feminist viewpoint.


Author Bio

Janelle Bassett’s writing appears or is forthcoming in the Rumpus, Indiana Review, Smokelong Quarterly, American Literary Review, the Offing, Washington Square Review, Wigleaf, and Best Microfiction 2023. She lives in Saint Louis and is a fiction editor at Split Lip Magazine.


“Janelle Bassett’s voice is one I can’t get enough of. The stories in Thanks for This Riot are fresh and unique and wickedly off-kilter but also burn with a wry, age-old, ironic wisdom. This collection is bitingly funny but sincerely so, with little lies and harmless untruths taking on an edge and inflicting irresistible damage.”—Timothy Schaffert, author of The Perfume Thief and The Titanic Survivors Book Club

“Janelle Bassett is a phenomenal writer. These stories are smart, irreverent, hilarious, and so wonderfully intimate. It is rare to find a writer who can balance humor with such earnest human emotion, and Bassett does it on every page. This collection is gold.”—Alison Espach, author of Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance and The Wedding People
“Janelle Bassett’s writing is hilarious, intense, and alive. Every story in this collection is off-kilter in the best possible way. The characters are all trying to make sense of themselves in a world that doesn’t fit quite right. Reading this felt like being tickled forcefully, laughing even as it got uncomfortable.”—Katya Apekina, author of Mother Doll and The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish

Table of Contents

External Riots: Threats and Violence
More Restrictive Than Supportive
The Crowded Private Cottage
All I Need Are These Four Walls and Some Positive Feedback
No Space Is Too Small When Your Head Is Detachable
Babies Don’t Keep
Internal Riots: Secrets and Lies
Prove It
These New Francescas
Perceptor Weekly
Bulk Trash Is for Lovers
Safe Distances
Laugh Riots: Growing and Trying
Enviable Levels
Full Stop
The Right Light
Wilderness Mound
Thanks for This Riot
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