All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere


All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere


DeMisty D. Bellinger

Zero Street Fiction Series

164 pages


September 2024


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About the Book

Winner of the Barbara DiBernard Prize in Fiction

Fantastical, sensual, and as beguilingly strange as they are insightful and real, the stories of All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere are centered around intimate familial or romantic relationships, featuring protagonists who make awesome discoveries—from the beautiful to the horrible—in seemingly mundane situations. The protagonists in each story come from marginalized communities, which sometimes exacerbates their problems but always allows for unique perspectives and epiphanies.

A violinist nearly hits a bicyclist with her car on her rush to rehearsal, leading to a blissful affair and speculation about the effect of love on her violin playing. The whispering of schoolgirls leads a teacher to consider her own fears and failings. In the title story the nature of motherhood, fatherhood, and familial pride plays against a backdrop of death and high school theater.

These are stories of human frailty and newfound strengths, with surprising confrontations. The writing is rich and playful, whether the characters are coy or startlingly direct, creating worlds in which the metaphorical might become literal in the blink of an eye. DeMisty D. Bellinger finds magic in the smallest moments and makes the biggest moments resonate with a quiet intensity.

Author Bio

DeMisty D. Bellinger is the author of the novel New to Liberty and two collections of poetry, Peculiar Heritage and Rubbing Elbows. She is an associate professor of English and coordinator of the Center of Faculty Scholarship at Fitchburg State University.


“In All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere DeMisty D. Bellinger has gifted us a book of many worlds beneath the same roof, its stories and characters at turns brash, tender, joyous, sly, and always deeply, messily human. I loved dwelling in these pages. I loved the ride this collection took me on: one full of surprises and heart.”—emily m. danforth, author of Plain Bad Heroines and The Miseducation of Cameron Post

“DeMisty Bellinger’s new collection is full of surprising connections, complex questions, and wonderfully human perspectives on relationships and networks of kinship. I wanted to both race through it and savor every moment.”—Ilana Masad, author of All My Mother’s Lovers: A Novel

“The stories in All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere are a lesson in creative risk-taking. With this bold collection of genre-bending tales, Bellinger invites us to dismantle binaries around sexuality and gender, grief and comfort, desire and repulsion, damnation and redemption in ways that challenge and champion the messy mystery that is the human heart.”—Sheree L. Greer, author of Once and Future Lovers: Tenth Anniversary Edition

“Infectious reading. All Daughters Are Awesome Everywhere is a feast of storytelling where women—mothers, daughters, and lovers—travel the roads between a world that wishes to constrain them and the ferocious realm of their own desires.”—Elwin Cotman, author of Weird Black Girls
“These stories are hot. Inventive, fierce, simmering with erotic energy and the sheer beautiful unexpectedness of women asking for more and better.”—Miciah Bay Gault, author of Goodnight Stranger

“Open this book to any page—you can’t lose. All Daughters are Awesome Everywhere is indeed awesome on every page. These meticulously detailed stories earned both my admiration and love. Great reading experience.”—Rion Amilcar Scott, author of The World Doesn’t Require You

Table of Contents

Part I
Black Girl’s Magic
Acquiring Joshua
Dreams Formed in Rain
A Lost Day
Three Tiers of Toppings
Love Your Braider
Horse Sense
Brother Charlie’s Intended
Part II
Awesome Everywhere
Trying to Balance
The Claimer of Bodies
Your Father Died
Part III
Tiger-Free Days
Ballad of Jane
Free Fish
Cat, Catfish, Cat
Tooth Fairy
Carry the Weight
Part IV
Ladybird, Ladybird
Whisper Network
The Ballad of Frankie Baker
Three Studies in Patience
Part V
Going Home
The Negotiation of Space
French Fry Soup
Good Fit
Part VI
We All Have Our Ghosts
Dancing Queen
All the Dreams You’ve Yet to Have
An Opossum Tale

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