Baseball's Most Wanted II


Baseball's Most Wanted II

The Top 10 Book of More Bad Hops, Screwball Players, and other Oddities

Floyd Conner

Most Wanted™ Series

272 pages


March 2003


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About the Book

Baseball has so many stars and scrubs, quotables and notables - so many that one book just isn’t enough to cover them all. Enter Baseball's Most Wanted™ II. Starting where Baseball's Most Wanted™ left off, version 2.0 introduces even more colorful characters, inept fielders and hitters, and forgotten stars as well as all the teams, fans, managers, and even announcers who are a vibrant part of baseball’s past, present, and future. You’ll read top-ten lists of the best and worst hitters and pitchers, the most unique memorabilia, and the most obsessed fans.Learn which president vowed to never play the game again after he got shelled in a semipro game. Find out if Tony Suck lived up to his name or rose above it. Discover the secret lure of the no-hitter and how even usually inept pitchers can catch lightning in a bottle and reach Nirvana. You’ll read about these as well as hundreds of other people, places, and events. With more than sixty lists of trivia to amuse and amaze, Baseball's Most Wanted™ II is a wonderful celebration of America’s love of baseball, warts and all.

Author Bio

Floyd Conner is the author of numerous popular sports books, including Baseball's Most Wanted™Football's Most Wanted™, and Golf!, which sold more than 150,000 copies. He has been interviewed many times for radio, newspaper, and television and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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