Post-Cold War Defense Reform


Post-Cold War Defense Reform

Lessons Learned in Eur and US

Edited by Ambassador István Gyarmati and Ambassador Theodor Winkler
Foreword by Lord Robertson

434 pages


October 2002


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About the Book

With landslide political changes in Europe in the early 1990s, politicians and military planners started to contemplate their possible effects on military postures. Most countries, however, did not enforce plans for post-Cold War reforms because they lacked political will and money, their conservative militaries resisted, and they felt no real pressure from any clear and present threat.

Fortunately, debates have begun about the future of military forces, the "revolution in military affairs," and the plans for NATO and European security and defense cooperation. This publication serves as a timely contribution to the debate on determining which lessons have,and have not, been learned—while suggesting possible courses for the way ahead.

Author Bio

Amb. Istvan Gyarmati is currently the senior vice-president for programs at the EastWest Institute in New York City. His career has spanned numerous postings in the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and Department of Defense.

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