White Tigers


White Tigers

My Secret War in North Korea

Ben S. Malcom with Ron Martz

Memories of War Series

282 pages


April 2003


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About the Book

Operating from a clandestine camp on an island off western North Korea, Army Lt. Ben Malcom coordinated the intelligence activities of eleven partisan battalions, including the famous White Tigers. With Malcom’s experiences as its focus, White Tigers examines all aspects of guerrilla activities in Korea. This exciting memoir makes an important contribution to the history of special operations.

Author Bio

Ron Martz writes on defense issues for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His books include Solitary Survivor: The First American POW in Southeast Asia (with Lawrence R. Bailey, Jr.; Brassey’s, Inc., 1995) and White Tigers: My Secret War in North Korea (with Ben Malcom; Brassey’s, Inc., 1996), which Publishers Weekly praised as "exciting reading." He lives in Roswell, Georgia.


“Exciting reading.”—Publishers Weekly

“A remarkable story.”—Army magazine

“A gripping revelation of the American-led guerrilla war deep behind enemy lines in Korea.”—Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, USA (Ret.) and coauthor of We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young

“A rare combination of an exciting adventure story, a well-documented special operations history, and a superbly written tale of war. Malcom and Martz have accurately described the missing link between World War Two’s partisans and today’s Special Forces in a way that makes Rambo-type fiction boring.”—Col. Rod Paschall, USA (Ret.), former commander of Delta Force and author of Korea: Witness to War

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