The 1960s' Most Wanted


The 1960s' Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of Hip Happenings, Swinging Sounds, and Out-of-Sight Oddities

Stuart Shea

Most Wanted™ Series

290 pages


January 2006


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About the Book

The 1960s was a decade of contrasts. It had the Summer of Love, but it also witnessed the assassinations of three American leaders. It fulfilled President Kennedy’s promise of successfully landing a man on the moon but also saw the beginning of the ultimately disastrous Vietnam War. It gave us beach tunes on one end, psychedelic songs to trip to on the other, and in between heralded the British Invasion. Now you can look back on and celebrate all the events and fads from the 1960s with Stuart Shea’s trivia-laden The 1960s’ Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Hip Happenings, Swinging Sounds, and Out-of-Sight Oddities from Potomac's Most Wanted­™ series.Lucky Charms cereal was introduced in 1964 with more than fifty percent sugar, the first cereal to pass the halfway point in sugar content. In 1967, Louis Washkansky was the recipient of the first-ever heart transplant. In 1961, the entire U.S. Olympic figure skating team was killed in an airplane crash in Belgium. And in 1965, with the now-classic songs "Turn, Turn, Turn," "Satisfaction," "My Girl," and "Yesterday" debuting on the airwaves, the Grammy for best rock-and-roll recording instead went to Roger Miller’s "King of the Road"! Stuart Shea gives you dozens of top-ten lists with entertaining and remarkable trivia on historic events, political revolutionaries, great moments in space, forgotten but once-popular television shows, fashion breakthroughs, great sports stories, and the best and worst of the silver screen. It’s been said that if you remember the 1960s, you didn’t live through them. Whether you lived through them or not, you can remember them in style with The 1960s’ Most Wanted™.

Author Bio

Stuart Shea is a former baseball columnist for Total Sports and America Online and coauthored two editions of the USA Today Baseball Insider. He also wrote Rock & Roll's Most Wanted™ (Brassey’s, Inc., 2002) and has contributed to ESPN.COM, BASEBALLPROSPECTUS.COM, the Music Hound Guide to Lounge Music, Reactor Magazine, New Scene, and NEWCITY.COM He lives twenty-four blocks north of Wrigley Field.