Brassey's Air Combat Reader


Brassey's Air Combat Reader

Historic Feats and Aviation Legends

Edited by Walter J. Boyne and Philip Handleman

History of War Series

352 pages


October 2005


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About the Book

Showcasing the twentieth century’s best writing on the topic of air combat from World War I through the Gulf War, Brassey’s Air Combat Reader examines the evolution of air combat strategy and tactics. It includes extracts from memoirs by such legends as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, hair-raising third-person accounts by such great pilots as Douglas Bader and by such heroic leaders as Pete Mitscher, and one compelling work of fiction by best-selling novelist Walter Boyne. Classic writings on the art and science of air warfare by visionaries Billy Mitchell, Giulio Douhet, and others trace the evolution of military aviation. Philip Handleman concludes with an insightful chapter about the future of air warfare.

Author Bio

Philip Handleman is a pilot and owner of vintage aircraft, an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, an aviation photographer, and the author of numerous aviation books.

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