Leading at the Speed of Light


Leading at the Speed of Light

New Strategies for U.S. Security in the Information Age

Daniel M. Gerstein

208 pages


October 2006


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October 2006


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July 2011


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About the Book

As the world moves into the Information Age, globalization continues to alter the customary relationships among peoples, societies, and nations that evolved during the Industrial Age. Author Daniel Gerstein, however, maintains the United States still follows an Industrial Age framework for national security. Despite such recent changes as creating the Department of Homeland Security and the post of a director for national intelligence, the current U.S. national security strategy remains based on the National Security Act of 1947. To advance the U.S. response to the particular demands of the Information Age, Gerstein proposes nothing short of overhauling our nation’s security strategy and, more important, complementary changes to the U.S. approach to strategic leadership. Beginning with the foundations of leadership, Gerstein addresses four key abilities that the twenty-first-century leader must master for the Information Age: (1) to develop and communicate a vision, (2) to incorporate new tools for analysis and for enhancing the leader’s judgment or reasoning skills, (3) to gain greater perspective in developing national strategies, and (4) to promote the three I’s—imagination, innovation, and initiative. While theories and accepted methods of leadership remain relevant, they must be augmented with new and improved concepts. The fundamental premise of Leading at the Speed of Light is that leadership skills will require changes and enhancements to ensure that leaders are capable of performing in a data- and information-rich environment that is often uncertain and challenging.

Author Bio

Daniel M. Gerstein is strategist and policy expert with a PhD in Biodefense. He has served in the security and defense fields in a variety of strategic and operational assignments dealing with biodefense, homeland security, national strategy, arms control, international negotiations, and conflict analysis. He also served on Holbrooke Delegation that negotiated the peace settlement in Bosnia, analyzed negotiating positions for the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) talks, and developed an initiative to improve cross border communications between Colombia and neighboring Andean Ridge nations.


"Gerstein concisely lays out the fundamental technological challenges facing the United States' security strategy in the Information Age and argues that the current strategy is behind the times. . . .With his straightforward prose and well-organized material, this work is an important piece of reading for anyone involved or interested in the future of U.S. national security strategy."—Army AL & T Online

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