Italy's Most Wanted


Italy's Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of Roman Ruins, Wonderful Wines, and Renaissance Rarities

Luciano Mangiafico

336 pages


November 2007


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About the Book

Italy has always captivated the imagination of foreigners, attracted many to its shores, and contributed more than its share to world culture and progress, not to mention its delectable cuisine. A small country, it is about 116,000 square miles, or roughly less than half the size of Texas. But despite its relative small size, during the Roman Empire its rulers dominated the Western world both politically and culturally for several hundred years. During the Dark Ages, monks kept the flicker of knowledge and culture alive, and during the Renaissance, while politically weak and divided, it was the birthplace and the European cradle of the arts and humanism. In the nineteenth century its music, in the form of opera, reigned supreme while the country ejected foreign rulers and established its independence. Italy’s influence continues today.Luciano Mangiafico captures all that and more, with fifty chapters on Italian culture, cuisine, and history. Italy’s Most Wanted™ provides a wonderful look for tourists-to-be, those who have visited Italy, and those who have come from Italy. Italy still sings its siren song to lovers of the “Italian Way of Life” the world over. Listen to the song and learn the words with Italy’s Most Wanted™.

Author Bio

Luciano Mangiafico was born in Italy and began his education there. He moved to the United States in 1956, and in 1970 joined the U.S. Foreign Service and worked abroad as a diplomat until his retirement. Among his foreign postings, he was U.S. consul in Milan (Italy) and consul general in Palermo (Italy). In 1985–86, while on sabbatical leave from the Department of State, Mangiafico wrote Contemporary American Immigrants: Patterns of Filipino, Korean, and Chinese Settlement in the United States. Mangiafico is bilingual and has taught Italian and Italian culture to adults. He lives in McLean, Virginia.


"Offers fascinating facts about Italy’s cuisine, culture and history over the past 2,000 years."—Sons of Italy Book Club, Italian America Magazine