Mexico's Most Wanted


Mexico's Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of Chicano Culture, Latin Lovers, and Hispanic Pride

Boze Hadleigh

Most Wanted™ Series

272 pages


November 2007


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About the Book

Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States. Of the more than forty million Hispanics, some two-thirds are Mexican or Mexican-American. Almost half of all babies in the nation are born of Hispanic parents, and “Garcia” is quickly becoming the most common surname in America. So there’s no better time to feast on the interesting and entertaining trivia provided in Mexico’s Most Wanted™! Author Boze Hadleigh, grandson of a Mexican general and diplomat, covers Mexico’s culture and history in all its wonder. He discusses the fabulous food and drink native to Mexico; details its star actors, actresses, directors, singers, and athletes; highlights the history, ruins, and vacation spots that make Mexico a premier destination for travelers; and so much more. Mexico’s diversity and cultural and historical achievements are barely known to most Americans or even to many Mexican-Americans. Mexico has a long, rich, and fascinating heritage to be proud of, celebrated, learned about, and visited. Mexico’s Most Wanted™ is a great way to learn more about our southern neighbor and a great primer for those about to explore it.

Author Bio

Boze Hadleigh is the author of seventeen prior books, including Hispanic Hollywood. He is one-quarter Mexican, the grandson of Gen. Ruben Garcia, a Mexican diplomat. He has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature and a master’s in journalism. When not traveling he divides his time among Beverly Hills, California; Sydney, Australia; and Hong Kong.


“[Sheds] some light on the enormous ignorance which exists regarding our community and the historic role which it has played in the creation of the social fabric of this country.”—La Opinión

“What terriffic stuff . . . it’s so entertaining, and I learned so much—fun and serious too—about our heritage and people.”—Mario Lopez, actor and television host, including Saved by the Bell

“To read this is to gain an enjoyable appreciation of what Mexico and Mexican-Americans are about. . . . Two thumbs up!”—Ricardo Montalban, movie and television actor, including Fantasy Island and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

“This book makes you proud to be a Mexican.”—Eva Longoria Parker, actress, Desperate Housewives

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