Mixed Martial Arts' Most Wanted


Mixed Martial Arts' Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of Crazy Combat, Great Grappling, and Sick Submissions

Adam T. Heath and David L. Hudson, Jr.

Most Wanted™ Series

320 pages


December 2011


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February 2012


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About the Book

Mixed martial arts hasn’t been dubbed the world’s fastest growing sport for nothing. It’s noticeably rocked the sporting world since the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship nearly two decades ago—and has even shaken up the pop culture scene. Who would have expected popular MMA fighter Chuck Liddell to trade in his sparring gloves for dance shoes on Dancing with the Stars? A combo of grappling, punching, kneeing, and kicking, this sport looks like it will be grounding and pounding, sprawling and brawling, for some time to come. Mixed Martial Arts’ Most Wanted™ steps into the cage and brings you round after round of fighting deeds and details worthy of a sport known for bloody battles and ingenious tactics. Authors Adam T. Heath and David L. Hudson Jr. have knocked out sixty top-ten lists detailing the low blows, grappling greats, human anomalies, and fighting females that make up the compelling world of mixed martial arts.There’s no need to be an insider—Heath and Hudson bring you all of the sport’s best bouts, dirtiest moves, and brainscrambling kayos in a book that will keep MMA enthusiasts reeling for months.

Author Bio

David L. Hudson, Jr. has written and cowritten more than thirty books, including Horse Racing’s Most Wanted™, Boxing’s Most Wanted™, Mixed Martial Arts’ Most Wanted™, Basketball’s Most Wanted II™ and Basketball Championships’ Most Wanted™. He resides in the middle Tennessee area with his wife, Carla.

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