Vampires' Most Wanted


Vampires' Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-wielding Slayers, and Other Undead Oddities

Laura L. Enright

Most Wanted™ Series

336 pages


June 2011


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About the Book

Although the word "vampire" was not introduced until the eighteenth century, variations of this hemo-craving creature have existed since long before the Christian era. Almost every civilization had a demon or spirit—often a god or goddess—whose bloodlust complicated things for the general populace. But sometimes it’s not all about the blood. Modern vampire tales have stronger-willed and less traditional beings at their core: beings who strive to coexist with mortals by drinking synthetic blood, like True Blood’s Bill Compton, or who sparkle in the daylight instead of disintegrating, like Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Plus, these guys are way easier on the eyes than the more old-school vampires out there, especially filmmaker F. W. Murnau’s infamous Nosferatu, a terrifying vampire in dire need of a manicure.Regardless of time, place, and blood type, Laura Enright cordially invites you into the dark underworld of the vampire. She sheds light (but not too much) on this captivating, age-defying creature by exploring topics ranging from the powers it can possess to what will kill it—for good. With close to thirty top-ten lists brimming with gore and fang-tastic facts, Vampires’ Most Wanted™ is sure to provide the reader with a biting good time.

Author Bio

Laura L. Enright grew up and went to school in the Chicago area, and continues to live in Chicago while working as an editorial assistant for a North Shore newspaper. Among her relatives she counts union members, bar owners, and possibly even a small-time mobster—a microcosm of some of what Chicago has to offer.

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