American Shooter


American Shooter

A Personal History of Gun Culture in the United States

Gerry Souter

300 pages


February 2012


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September 2011


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About the Book

Gun ownership has long been a hot-button topic in the United States, and the National Rifle Association has the reputation of being an organization of primarily politically conservative members. American Shooter provides a unique look at gun ownership, handgun bans, shooting sports, and the controversy over how to interpret the Second Amendment from the point of view of a liberal gun owner and enthusiast. Gerry Souter examines the history of firearms in the United States, from the settlers who carried matchlock muskets ashore at Jamestown to the citizens who purchase guns in record numbers today. Recent Supreme Court decisions that uphold the right to bear arms have galvanized citizens on both sides of the debate, making the gun issue hotter than ever. To provide a personal view, Souter weaves in tales of his own experiences with guns, including sport shooting as a young man, hunting and bonding with his father, and facing the smoking end of a muzzle as an international photojournalist. American Shooter is both a history and a personal journey that traces the path of American gun ownership culture from the Revolution to today. It recounts how the country has lived with guns from the flintlock hung over the fireplace to the concealed-carry, laser-sighted Glock semiautomatic pistol tucked away in the hidden pocket of a mom’s purse.

Author Bio

Merchant seaman, guard & detective agency officer, artist, international photojournalist, film maker, video and television producer, director and writer, mark some of the career paths of author, Gerry Souter during a long life of world travel and adventures. Amazon lists 31 of 50 of his titles with mainstream publishing houses since 1997. His new fiction work evolves from his love of history, romance and bold characters drawn from his own experiences. His enjoyment of shooting sports, journalism and travel over past decades gives the ring of truth to his writing.


"An informative and enjoyable excursion both historical and personal. Souter sets out the problem of the polarization in public debate about guns. He seeks to separate 'myths and truth' and 'insights and blunders.' This book is not about the Second Amendment controversy. Yet Souter explores the nature of our gun culture and how deeply ingrained it is, both personally and individually, and broadly throughout American society."—From the foreword by Gordon Morris Bakken, professor of history, California State University, Fullerton

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