Beloved Warrior


Beloved Warrior

The Rise and Fall of Alexis Argüello

Christian Giudice

272 pages


March 2012


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May 2012


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About the Book

Boxing lost a true warrior and gentleman of the ring when the mayor of Managua, Nicaragua, Alexis Argüello, died in 2009. To millions in Nicaragua and around the world, Argüello was an iconic figure, a willing role model, and a shining light in a nation that places its sports figures on pedestals. Beloved Warrior explores the extraordinary rise, fall, and rebirth of this great fighter.

With a career that began in 1968 in Managua, Argüello overcame early losses, including a knockout in his debut. He went on to win three world titles, relinquishing them only by moving up in weight class. While boxing until 1995 and reaping luxury and fame, Argüello never forgot his people. Using his skills and power, "El Flaco Explosivo" (The Explosive Thin Man) earned his lofty status as one of the most celebrated Latin American boxers ever. 

While Argüello's devotion to the sport cannot be challenged, questions about the man still remain. How did he rise from the streets of Managua to become one of the greatest fighters in the world? What happened to him after he fought Aaron Pryor, whom many considered the greatest 140-pounder in history? How was he affected by his time spent fighting against the Sandinistas? And finally, what is the story behind his mysterious death less than eight months after he won Managua's mayoral election? Despite Argüello’s notorious losses to Pryor, his remarkable career as an unforgettable fighter lives on in his fans’ memories. As Christian Giudice illustrates, Argüello’s status as a hero both in and out of the ring will forever remain intact.

Author Bio

Christian Giudice currently teaches English in Charlotte, North Carolina, and writes for the boxing site He has been published in South Jersey sports magazines and international boxing digests. The author of Hands of Stone: The Life and Legend of Roberto Duran (2009), Giudice is from Haddonfield, New Jersey.



"I will forever be appreciative of being so closely associated with such a gentleman and champion. I always say that when you look up the word 'champion' in the dictionary and read of its qualities—class, grace, and humility—you will see a picture of Alexis Argüello."—From the foreword by Ray Mancini, former World Boxing Association lightweight champion

"Just as he did in his first book about Roberto Duran, Christian Giudice offers a balanced and critical look at a great boxer’s life, in the appropriately named Beloved Warrior. His reporting discusses, at length, the contradiction between Alexis Argüello’s triumphs in the ring and the emotional, psychological, and political turbulence beyond the ropes that eventually claimed his life. Those who revere the fighter and person that Argüello was will finish Beloved Warrior thoroughly entertained, as well as better informed. For my money, one can’t ask more from a book than that.”—Lee Groves, boxing historian, columnist for The Ring and, and writer/researcher/punch counter for CompuBox, Inc.