No Stone Unturned


No Stone Unturned

A Father's Memoir of His Son's Encounter with Traumatic Brain Injury

Joel Goldstein
Foreword by Lee Woodruff

242 pages


April 2012


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May 2012


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About the Book

Bart Goldstein was only sixteen when he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident in 2001. No Stone Unturned is the saga of Bart’s struggle to regain his life. Told from his father’s point of view, the book chronicles the family’s ordeal, and flashbacks fill in Bart’s life since he arrived from Korea at the age of five months.
Considering every possibility in their search for remedies to Bart’s catastrophic injuries, the Goldsteins explored several promising alternatives, including craniosacral, hyperbaric oxygen, sensory learning, and vision restoration therapies. Bart’s remarkable recovery resulted from a combination of conventional medicine and alternative and emerging therapies.
TBI has now become the “signature injury” for thousands of wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; this timely book offers profound insights into what survivors and their families must face. Anyone struggling with this “invisible” disability will find the book insightful, inspiring, and useful.

Author Bio

JOEL GOLDSTEIN is a transportation and logistics executive at Cambridge Corporate Services in New York City. He is also an adoption advocate and activist, having served for many years on the international adoption board of Albany’s Parsons Child & Family Center and of Camp Mujigae, the largest Korean heritage camp in the United States. He was the founding president of the Southern Ulster YMCA, on whose board he continues to serve. Goldstein lives in New Paltz, New York, with his wife, Reiki Master Dayle Groudine. They have two adopted Korean children, Bart and Cassidy.


"No Stone Unturned is an eye-opening read about Traumatic Brain Injury and how it impacts not only the injured, but also the family and support network. The book also boasts a nice foreword by Lee Woodruff, wife of Bob Woodruff who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury while reporting on the Iraq War in Bagdad. A true advocate for families impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury, Lee Woodruff provides a solid testament to the importance of the Goldsteins sharing their personal experience with the tragic injury. No Stone Unturned is a powerful story meant to educate others about the large number of people impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury and the struggle for families to support recovery of their loved ones, as well as the frustrations felt by the injured person."—Kim Phagan-Hansel, review from Adoption Today, Dec 2012

"Since my fifteen years in the AFL and NFL, traumatic brain injury has emerged as an important concern for current and former players. No Stone Unturned tackles this important and timely issue. Joel Goldstein does us all a service by sharing his family saga in a beautiful, inspiring way. A must-read."—Winston Hill, member, 1968–69 New York Jets, Super Bowl III Champions

"No Stone Unturned exemplifies the faith, tenacity, and energy of a single family confronting a tragedy both unexpected and life altering. Readers will find they become physically and emotionally trapped within its pages, but with no desire to free themselves. Son Bart's traumatic brain injury, as well as his family's determination to minimize its effects, serve as a primer for families confronting the complexities and hurdles that always lie in wait for those most in need."—Rear Adm. Ray Smith, USN (Ret.), former commander, U.S. Navy SEALs

"In a voice that is sometimes wrenching, often comic, always fully human, Joel Goldstein brings us into the world he and his network of family and friends learned to navigate in the quest to help his son, Bart, recover from traumatic brain injury. No Stone Unturned shows how well the system can work when families and professionals unite in the journey that is TBI rehabilitation. Goldstein does not pull his punches; he recounts episodes of bureaucratic indifference and moments of regret with the same candor he uses to describe the integrity, dedication, and generosity found among the ‘conspiracy of decency.' "—Jan Stivers, professor of special education, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York, and coauthor of A Teacher’s Guide to Change

"Anyone wishing to understand what a family endures when a loved one suffers traumatic brain injury should read this inspiring family saga. Professionals and the lay public will be equally captivated as the neuroscience of TBI leaps into stark humanity in the pages of this superbly written, fascinating story. This book should be added to the medical student curriculum nationwide."—Randolph S. Marshall, MD, MS, Elizabeth K. Harris Professor of Neurology, Chief Stroke Division, Department of Neurology, Columbia University Medical Center

"We should be thankful that Joel Goldstein took the time to document his family’s long journey and has the talent to write a powerful story to share with the world."—Dr. Lewis, Brain Health