Out of Uniform


Out of Uniform

Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition

Second Edition

Tom Wolfe

272 pages
12 illustrations, index


April 2018


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April 2018


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April 2018


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About the Book

After completing military service, veterans can have a difficult time finding employment when returning to civilian life. Out of Uniform, Second Edition is designed to help all transitioning military personnel, regardless of service, branch, rank, rating, time in service, time in grade, or specialty. Although all service members share common denominators, each individual brings something unique to the job market. Not only does this book cover the basics—search techniques, networking, interview preparation, résumés, negotiation, and a new chapter on social media—it also offers guidance on topics that are often overlooked, specifically the central issues of self-knowledge, interviewing empathy, and the power of questions.

In addition to the technical guidance, readers will also discover important information in the anecdotes based on the experiences of soldiers, sailors, air force personnel, and marines. Out of Uniform, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for veterans who want to make the most out of their civilian career opportunities.


Author Bio

Tom Wolfe graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, served as a surface warfare officer in the navy, and completed tours of duty as a flag aide, communications officer, and administrative department head. He is a recognized expert in the field of career transition. Formerly a senior partner at Career Development Corporation, he provided guidance to separating military personnel for almost thirty years. His columns and articles have appeared regularly in digital and print media, including Military.com, Military Transition News, Stars and Stripes, G.I. Jobs, TAOnline, and Veterans of Modern Warfare.


“We owe our military service members so much, including the right to compete for a job when they leave the service. Out of Uniform just might give them that competitive edge. Are you a veteran? Read it! Know a veteran? Make sure he or she has a copy!”—Mike Krzyzewski, U.S. Army veteran and Duke University men’s basketball coach

“With the exception of leaving civilian life for the military, no professional change is more cathartic or challenging than the transition back out of uniform. Key for success is preparation, both mental and emotional. Tom Wolfe provides the indispensable guide to help you both prepare and succeed.”—Lt. Gen. Dan Christman, U.S. Army (Ret.), former superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy

Table of Contents

Note on the Second Edition    
Section 1. Transition Readiness    
1. Life Is Like a Roller Coaster    
2. The Education of Self    
3. Stereotypes    
4. Master of Change    
5. The Four Profiles    
6. Filters, Part One (Employer’s)    
7. When Can You Start?    
8. Travel: Are Your Bags Packed?    
9. Grade Point Average    
10. How Much Are You Worth?    
11. Will You Relocate?    
12. Filters, Part Two (Your Own)    
13. Quality of Life versus Quality of Work    
14. Educational Background Check    
15. Transition Timeline    
Section 2. The Self-Discovery Zone    
16. From Trees to Toilet Paper    
17. Lifetime Tasks and Skills Inventory    
18. What Size Company Is Best for You?    
19. The Digital You and Your Virtual Résumé    
20. What’s behind Curtain Number Three?    
21. Experience or Potential?    
22. The Best Job for You?    
23. Job Hunting from a Remote Location    
24. The Geographically Restricted Job Search    
Section 3. The Other Side of the Fence    
25. What’s Out There?    
26. I Want to Work with People    
27. I Want to Be a Manager    
28. Operations Management    
29. Engineering    
30. Is Consulting Right for You?    
31. Government Contractors    
32. Additional Options    
33. The Boss of Me    
34. The S Word    
35. Your SQ Number    
36. The Audition    
Section 4. Preparations (Mechanical)    
37. Your Decision Matrix (Part 1: Design)    
38. The Six Ps    
39. Documentation    
40. Creating Your Résumé    
41. Cover Letters    
42. Your Reference List    
43. Application Forms: Thank Goodness I Made a Copy    
44. Uniform of the Day    
45. Finding Uncle Harry or Aunt Mary    
46. Headhunters    
47. An Employment Perfect Storm    
48. The Runaway Résumé    
Section 5. Preparations (Mental)    
49. The Power of Questions    
50. Researching Companies    
51. Knowledge Is Power    
52. Wallflowers and Cheerleaders    
53. Weaknesses: Use Them to Your Benefit    
54. Camaraderie and the Power of People    
55. Tell ’Em What They Want to Hear    
Section 6. Interviews: Tips and Techniques    
56. Body Language    
57. Interviewers: The Good, the Bad, and the “Ugly”     
58. What’s with That Tie?    
59. From Adversary to Advocate    
60. All of My Questions Have Been Answered    
61. Please Leave a Message at the Beep    
62. Be Memorable    
63. Extra Preparations    
Section 7. Interviews: Variety and Function    
64. Interview and Etiquette Checklist    
65. Interviews: Purpose and Varieties    
66. Can You Hear (and Maybe See) Me Now?    
67. Let’s Do Lunch    
68. Following Up after the Interview    
69. Until the Paperwork Is Done    
70. We Regret to Inform You     
71. Your Decision Matrix (Part 2: Usage)    
Section 8. Offer, Decision, and Launch    
72. Learning How to Swim    
73. The Power Shift    
74. Job Offer: The Message and the Makeup    
75. The REV Factor    
76. The High Jumpers    
77. Will You Marry Me?    
78. One-Offer-Itis    
79. Salary Negotiation    
80. Responding to Offers—the Right Way    
81. Lift Off and Stay on Course    
82. A Personal Trainer for Your Career    
83. Has the Ride Lost Its Thrill?    

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