Castles in the Air


Castles in the Air

Martin W. Bowman

212 pages


November 2000


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About the Book

Castles in the Air is a re-issue of one of the classic titles of military literature. It recounts the story of the B-17 Flying Fortress crews of the US 8th Air Force—the men and the planes that provided the main punch in the daylight strategic bombing offensive against Nazi Germany from 1942–45. This revealing book recreates, in the words of surviving aircrew members, the tension and terror of their sorties deep into enemy air space. There is a wealth of personal narrative and first-hand information.

This new edition has been re-written and updated by the author, Martin W. Bowman. Many new and previously unpublished photographs accompany the text. Martin W. Bowman has written fifty-six books on the US and UK military aviation. He lives in Norwich, England, and has traveled around the world compiling the painstaking research for which his books are noted.