Misguided Weapons


Misguided Weapons

Technological Failure and Surprise on the Battlefield

Azriel Lorber

304 pages


January 2003


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About the Book

Technological failure results when one side in a conflict does not fully grasp the potential impact of known, or even familiar, weapons in the enemy’s hands. In most cases, such failure resulted from higher officials’ ignorance or their total misunderstanding of the importance and relevance of such technology and science as well as of their application to warfare. Technological failure is also the root cause of technological surprise. While operational surprise on the battlefield poses grave problems, technological surprise is far more serious, because, as Azriel Lorber explains, it often leads to disasters on the battlefield and is more difficult to recover from. In too many cases, technological failure and surprise stem from all-too-human characteristics, such as self-satisfaction, disdain for the adversary, obtuseness, and conservatism. Because these traits show no evidence of disappearing, political decision makers and military commanders should be aware that technological failure and technological surprise could happen at any time.

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