Victor of Gettysburg

Richard A. Sauers

Military Profiles Series

128 pages


February 2004


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About the Book

Most students of the American Civil War know the name George Gordon Meade, but few can tell you about the man. With this addition to Potomac’s Military Profiles series, historian Richard Sauers examines the life of one of the Union Army’s most notable generals. Rising from the Union officer corps to lead the previously ill-fated Army of the Potomac, Meade took command only hours before his forces stumbled upon Robert E. Lee’s Confederates at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1863. He led his men to victory in one of the most famous battles in history, but Meade was soon embroiled in political battles with fellow generals and Washington politicians. Despite detractors’ efforts to question Meade’s judgment and smear his reputation—efforts often exacerbated by the general’s own volatile temper and undiplomatic behavior—he continued to put duty to his country and his men first. When Ulysses S. Grant was named lieutenant general in charge of all Union forces, Grant made his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac and soon overshadowed Meade. Sauers chronicles the tense relationship that developed between the two men and the effect it had on the crucial last days of the war. Sauers’s concise but authoritative biography sheds new light on one of the Civil War’s most significant leaders. His book, the only new biography of Meade to appear in over thirty years, should spark renewed study of this brave but overlooked general.

Author Bio

Richard A. Sauers, Ph.D., has written numerous books on the Civil War including Meade: Victor at Gettysburg, Advance the Colors! Pennsylvania Civil War Battleflags, The Civil War Journal of Colonel William J. Bolton, and How to Do Civil War Research.

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