Patton At Bay


Patton At Bay

The Lorraine Campaign, 1944

John Nelson Rickard
Foreword by Carol D'Este

336 pages


June 2004


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About the Book

For Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., the battle for Lorraine during the fall and winter of 1944 was a frustrating and grueling experience of static warfare. Plagued by supply shortages, critical interference from superiors, flooded rivers, fortified cities, and the highly determined German army, Patton had little opportunity to wage the type of fast armored campaign of which he was so enamored. Author John Rickard examines Patton’s generalship during these bitter battles and suggests that Patton was unable to adapt to the new realities of the campaign, thereby failing to wage the most effective warfare possible. Relying on a broad range of historical sources, including personal papers and division after-action reports, this treatment of Patton’s operational performance in Lorraine goes beyond the official history. It describes Patton’s philosophy of war and explains why it failed him in Lorraine. Supplemented by full orders of battle, casualty and equipment loses, and excellent maps based on Hugh M. Cole’s official U.S. Army history of the campaign, Patton at Bay,/i> is a penetrating study of one of America’s best fighting generals.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Carlo D'Este Preface 1. A Philosophy of Battle 2. From Theory to Practice 3. Orders of Battle 4. Strategy, Logistics, and Perception 5. Breaching the Line of the Moselle 6. Opportunity and Counterattack 7. The Problem of Metz 8. Correcting the Army Line 9. Planning for the November Offensive 10. The Fall of Metz 11. Advance to the West Wall 12. Assessment Appendix Selected Bibliography Index

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